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Tuesday, January 07, 2014



Despite all your issues with frozen pipes, you're timely in getting our yarn to us. Yesterday I received my 2 skeins of Lucent and they are SO beautiful! Thanks, Kim and stay warm.


I'm so glad you got it fixed. What a mess. Urrrrgh.

Teresa C

Seriously, I tried to get my girls to be something useful like that. Even hair dresser or massage therapist, something I could USE! Now I'll just be introducing Erin to every young plumber or electrician I meet!

Glad you are back on track.

Bobbie in AK


I sm so sorry for the deep freeze many are having this winter. I know it's not any fun. Praises for your husbands attempt to thaw your shop out and the back-up plumber. I agree, plumbers are needed and greatly appreciated. We also trickle the water. I assume you are on well water? It sure does help, although it's a little annoying hearing the water "run" constantly.

Liz in Missouri, USA

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I am/was SOOOO there with you. I have spent the majority of my adult life living in the high country of the Rockies where this kind of weather was/is also pretty typical, frozen pipes, and all- so I'm hoping by now that Ken is feeling better, the water is working and all is well in your world. Here in Missouri (where I live now) we only hit -9. Not so bad.



I love the quote today. Thanks!


Argh -- so frustrating. I can just image the scene as it played out -- Ken is such a great guy! Glad that things are going well. And I totally agree about plumbers and electricians.


Whether furnace repair or plumbing, this time of year we need their expertise! Why is it the worst happens when we're in a crunch anyway? I hope all goes well for you now that the problem is solved!


Just what you didn't need! Ugh. Glad you're back on track Kim and hopefully it didn't cost you too much!


Glad it all turned out well in the end. I'll admit to being on tenterhooks for a while keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome. Yup electrical engineer here at home, so we're covered in that department, but a plumber? We usually have to hire out for that and have on several occasions. Ka-ching, ka-ching!


I'm listening to the trickle of three taps right now, and have been for most of the past week (central MA). Been in the situation you describe many times over the years, and I really, really sympathize. Also, re: calling the plumber = last resort! Yesterday I replaced a fill valve in a toilet I could barely reach without contortionist skills and a mirror, but the money saved on a plumber paid for my goat/hen grain order today. Now, fingers crossed I'm done with moving sacks of grain til the ice is gone!


I heard an interesting speaker when I was still teaching. He said that 50 years ago, 20 percent of jobs required a college degree. Of the remaining jobs, 80% were unskilled and 20% were employed in skilled vocations. Today the jobs requiring degrees are at about 22%, but the other categories are flipflopped. About 80% of the jobs not requiring a degree are skilled technical work, requiring some post high school education. Hooray for plumbers and electricians!


I could use a good plumber. Like Jo-Ann, I have plenty of electricians around! I'm so glad this got worked out for you and I hope it wasn't too terribly expensive.


Having a plethora of electricians in my life, my vote is for a plumber! So glad you finally got the problem fixed ... hopefully it doesn't ever happen again!

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