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Friday, March 29, 2013



OMG you customize Blythes? Is there nothing you can't do? Your doll looks lovely; Blythes are so pouty in their original form. Looking forward to visiting your booth at the Fiber Revival this Saturday.



Well, I hope you show them here once in a while. I'm not a doll person, really, but I'm rather fascinated by the whole process/transformation. I remember my daughter transforming a Barbie doll once -- total emo redo for a friend, like a mini-me, on her birthday -- she nailed it and it was AMAZING!

Mary K. in Rockport

They remind me of the Ginnie dolls with all their little outfits and shoes I loved so much.


Beautiful, Kim. It's been fun to follow the work you've done on these very special dolls.


Just beautiful! I've been watching your progress and just ordered a Basaak to customize. . I used to knit for American Girl Dolls for fun and really enjoyed it. Now i will have a little time to research how to customize.....it will take a few weeks for the doll to arrive. I definitely want to matt the face....this might be very contagious!


She turned out to be stunning! Great job!

Mary Anne

I just got my first Blythe because I was smitten after seeing yours. I am going to customize her but I'm a little nervous. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours.

Bobbie in AK

I was a doll collector, before I got the knitting bug and I've always loved Blythe! Great job, Kim!! Let me know when you'll be taking orders. :o)


She is very pretty. What is involved in customizing her?

Cheryl S.

Yes, she's very pretty! What do you do to 'customize' one? It looks like her lips have been painted, and hair trimmed.

Liz in Missouri, USA

Well, I think she's just plain PRETTY, and like Carole, though I'm not a doll person, I love seeing what you can do and come up with. I hope you will continue to share at least the knitted clothes that you create here, and keep reminding us so we can slip over and take a peek at the little girls!


She is just so dear and her clothes make her all the more special! I am the same way...not into bling because I rarely ever go any place to be fancy, but still love to play with it when creating!

Great name for the newest blog! I am trying NOT to be inspired as I really do not need a new hobby. ha ha I'll just drool over yours...

Have fun!


You have so many talents! The doll clothes are just adorable! I'm glad you found another thing you really enjoy! :)


Well. I may not be a doll person but I still like seeing what you're up to, dolls or not. You are a multi-talented woman, my friend!


Oh how lovely! What a great mixed-media creative outlet. You are so talented. :)


Nice job Kim! Yours looks really sweet and not creepy like some of them out there. Lol. :-) Love the dresses and knit wear you made for them both. Oh I just noticed the charms on Josephine.

Amy Boogie

She looks gorgeous! The clothing you've made is fantastic too.

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