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Friday, February 22, 2013



I might just have to copycat you! Love the color, and love Julia's design too. The most compliments I get on my current wardrobe of handknit sweaters is on my Vodka Gimlet knit in your Frolic in Midas Touch. Everyone, knitters and non-knitters, comment on the color and want to feel the sweater. I think I feel some more Frolic coming on....

Bobbie in AK

Currently, I am knitting Oroi, my first lopapeysa. I'm also working on Hypoteneuse in Frolic "Mamma Mia" which is a fabulous color! Looks like I may be ordering more Frolic soon as I've added this to my faves!


Beautiful color! I love simple, easy sweaters best of all. (I'm working on one now. Round and round and round we go. So nice.)


Awesome colorway, Kim!!

I'm actually working on a sweater right now too. And oddly enough, in your Sporty yarn in a gorgeous gold color (King Midas). I don't think it'll be finished by next week, but I'm enjoying working on it!

Deb in PA

What a pretty color and a great sweater, too.

I'm knitting socks for Christmas. They're for my son who wears a size 18EEEE (not a typo), so I make a lot of his socks.

I like to get an early start, so I can get them done well in advance of Christmas.


That's a fabulous color and I love this pattern, too. It's in my queue!

Sandy W

Beautiful yarn color and nice pattern. My knitting is simple right now-leg warmers for my niece's almost one year old. They are soooo cute and easy.


Love the Folly Cove design. I think the yarn color is stunning except for the fact that it would make me look like a washerwoman with yellow jaundice! My comment made me remember a woman who was a new knitter and visited the yarn store where I worked part time. She liked the design of a sweater pattern she saw but didn't want to purchase it because she didn't look good in blue!!!


Ooooh love yours! I have it in my queue and have been itching to knit it. I had wanted to pick your brain at SPA regarding Frolic colors, but the best laid plans are often laid to waste in all of the excitement of things.


The color is on my list! The color and the sweater design will be fabulous on you.


OMG I just love that color! I must have some!
Too many things are on the needles but I am trying to finish a baby sweater by tonight.


I'm still knitting Hitchhiker, but am getting close. I love that sweater, and plan to make it soon!!! Love the color, it's so rich and vibrant.

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