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Monday, January 07, 2013



Is there room to add a statement that no rabbits were tested on or "used" in the making of these products? Maybe you could come up with a by-line to connect it to the woolen rabbit i.e. soft as a rabbit, strong as wool, something like that which kind of makes a connection to the name that seems less likely to make people think actual rabbits were used. It does seem very odd people would wonder this though, it really can't be that many people who actually entertain that idea can it?


Is the a time line on when the soaps will go in the shop? I was just there and did not see any listed. They are looking very 'cool' and interesting. I like the wavy line separating the two parts, kind of geological.

Chris Johnson

How about The Soaps of TWR? Just a thought!

Lee Cockrum

Love the little snowflakes (or flowers?!), they are lovely.

Bobbie in AK

I like The Woolen Rabbit. It never crossed my mind that there could be rabbit in your personal products - I thought the name came from the fact that you liked bunnies(and wool)! LOL!

I'd love to see your soaps at the shop and larger containers of your hand cream. I love the stuff!


They're so cute!


I like the The Woolen Rabbit...and people asking this questions just seems odd to me..........


The club yarn was exquisite and the gift of soap very sweet and charming. Such a lovely scent, thank you Kim. The colors and size of your little soaps are very enticing. No matter what you call them, they'll be in demand!


I think it's funny people would ask that. The humorous side of me has reared thinking of muddy little boys who won't come in for their bath: TWR-->Tackle, Wash and Rinse.

Those soaps look wonderful! Will they be up for sale in your shop?


I've never considered that but if people ask about it then obviously they have. I don't think TWR is bad or anything but it also doesn't really say anything about your soaps and how awesome they are. I'm going to brainstorm a little and see if I come up with anything!


They're so pretty!


Nothing is coming to me at the moment...probably some time in the middle of the night.

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