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Monday, December 17, 2012



Awww, they are so cute! I've always learned that most are nocturnal.

Dwarf Hamster

Hi! I found your blog while I was searching for roborovski hamsters to look at.

They're so cute XD I have roborovski dwarf hamsters myself but mine are white-face ones so their entire face is white instead of having a brown area above the nose and white eyebrows like the ones in your photos.



Cute, yes! But after the guinea pig we had I said NO MORE! What are their names?

Mary K. in Rockport

We hosted a ferret for Christmas vacation one year under similar conditions. It was surprisingly cute - but had to be walked outdoors wearing a harness. I drew the line at that under the terms, "She's your roommate (the ferret's owner) not mine!" This Christmas we are hosting a rabbit. My other daughter claims that he might be our only 'grandchild' - he's cute, but that would be sad.


They really are adorable! And yes, best to keep them away from those dogs. LOL.


I used to have dwarf hamsters when I was a kid! Ours were either russian or siberian dwarf but they are the sweetest things. It's good for them to be handled often, it keeps them tame.


They are furry and cute that's certain. May they offer you fun and entertainment, but no drama!


I guess I won't tell you about one of my son's very looonngg 'pet' that came our way when he was a teenager and still resides with us even though said son is in his 30s and has his own place. At least the hamsters are just visiting. Sigh.


Previous experience of these little cuties can confirm they can be very skittish and jumpy and would only recommend picking them up if you are experienced with them.
My Russian dwarf hamster is on vacation with a friend as I'm away for xmas. Enjoy them while you are looking after them.

Cheryl S.

My goodness - how cute they are!


my last lengthy post did not appear because there were no words to copy in the "safety net". Are these things really helpful?


Omg they are adorable!! Not quite big enough for cuddling but oh my.


LOL on the dog snack comment! They are kinda cute. Glad they have a warm place to stay and are providing you with some much needed distraction and amusement.

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