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Tuesday, November 06, 2012



One of my best birthday presents this year was that it was also election day!! My phone has been so quiet since Tuesday.


what's on your mind is so peaceful and positive and generous compared to what's clogging mine up <3


It's the day! No more ads. And if I knew anything about wheels, I'm sure I'd say that is just spectacular! Happy Wednesday!


Gorgeous wheel. :-) I need to get mine out for a whirl. It's been way too long. And I need to get out and run again. That's part of what's on my mind.


I'm so sick of the ads too -- we've had a ton this year because of the proximity of those Southern New Hampshire voters. And we've been overwhelmed with Brown/Warren ads -- bye bye!!

That wheel is GORGEOUS! Love it.


That wheel is RIDICULOUS, so gorgeous!!! I would love one of those!


Can't wait til it's all over.

The Golding must be joyous! Just looking at the hummingbird on top......


I was thinking of Carole and about to say you should live in a swing state...but if memory serves New Hampshire is a swing state. The ads are bad enough but the crap coming out of the extreme super pacs is egregriously misleading and extra nasty. Today's topic is great. i love that you mentioned helping one of your kid's friends--I am trying to help my sis whose husband has dementia. Carb restriction seems to be the only thing that works for me, but I didn't like it the last time I tried it--maybe because summer fruits were in high season!

Rosemary McN

I love my Golding wheel also. The spinning is a dream and well worth the initial waiting period.


Reaffirmed why I don't watch TV. Was forced to watch/listen to one in the Dr's waiting room yesterday and my blood pressure went through the roof...literally. It dropped later, but I was so aggravated by the constant garbage I finally stood out in the hallway to wait. Then asked my Dr to consider removing the TV or leave it on cartoons!

Good luck with your list...you've got some tough things to deal with. Prayers for your child's friend.


Political season is painful (especially where I live). Didn't think I cared but today I'm on pins and needles. Your wheel is so elegant. Smith was amazed by the pictures.


You know what's on my mind right now? Missing you! I was reading this post and thinking about our time together at the beach this summer and now I miss you, damn it.


I can't wait for the political ads to end. Enough is enough. Enjoy spinning! I plan to get my wheel out this week too.

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