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Wednesday, November 07, 2012



I learned to ski at Mount Cranmore when I was 5. Back then the South Slope looked huge; now it looks tiny. I skied there every weekend in the winter (my Mom's best friend from Jr. High and her husband ran an inn in North Conway). The lift operators thought I lived in town (the townies skied for free), so I didn't have to buy a lift ticket. That was back in the days of the Skimobile and no snow making machines. I've had two hip replacements in the last 5 years, but haven't given up downhill skiing - no more moguls though. I love it up there in North Conway - it's just the best!

Rosemary McN

You take the best pictures! They always tell a complete story. Thanks for sharing---

Mary K. in Rockport

Brrrrrr! It's overly nippy down here in Rockport, too. Because of our proximity to the ocean, we more often get icey slush than snow which is not fun to play in. I am personally terrified of skiing, but enjoy cross country - provided there are no hills, not even little ones!


No more downhill for me either! But cross country and snow-shoes...bring it on! I've got a picture of my father-in-law in the umpire chair at Cranmore during the Volvo tennis tournament. Do you remember those days? :-)

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Oh My! HomesickHomesick. When I leave work today it is to go home and meet a gentleman who is interested in buying my skis. I love skiing, and I love the mountains but a few years ago I moved to the midwest. Then my knee gave up, and then my back gave up, and I have finally faced the truth that I, too, will probably not be skiing again. But - Good Times! It was always Good Times!


Skiing for elementary school PE is such an awesome idea!


I like snow when I'm inside looking at it and I don't have to go out in it. :)


I moved "Out West" as an early adolescent and learned to ski on the slopes in Colorado. I am a competent -- although cautious -- skier. Don't do it so much anymore (we have sort-of skiing here in Michigan), although I still have my equipment and give it a try once in a while. I'm much more fearful of injury, now that I'm . . . older!


It's a great skill to have in one's muscle memory. Wish we did that when I was growing up. I think at that time only rich people taught their kids to ski :) I do think that XC is something that we'll take into our old age much more gracefuly than downhill skiing. And you are right.....used to HATE winter until I found a use for snow.


im scared on skis. my dh who was a ski "lifeguard" - dont know what you call it in usa = pisteur in french) in his youth taught me to ski wwhen i was 21 but he is not exactly understanding for learning and my first slope was a blue and my second was a red. it was a horrible experience. i tried to learn again on the bunny slopes with my children but always had a knot in my belly and soetimes would get stuck in the middle of a slope too scared to look behind or in front of me. i kept telling dh i didnt like it and was scared and the kids very quickly got tired of having to wait on the mom lol. i finally found the trick though. my dh is also somewhat of a miser and when i told him he was spending all that money on ski passes for nothing because i hated it he all of a sudden said, oh, ok, i'll buy you snow shoes instead lol! phew! saved!


Wow! I was blown away by the school taking the kids one afternoon a week to ski. After a Nebraska childhood, I learned to ski here in Colorado at age 24 and got pretty good at it by age 30 or so (would you call that a slow learner). Alas, skiing has become ridiculously expensive here. And like you and other commenters, I haven't skied in years partly because of two knee replacements. The best part of skiing was being out in nature. snow is predicted for this weekend--here's to winter!


I have never skied at all since I've never been much of an athletic type. Of course, that has changed some and I might actually enjoy it now. BUT I think I'm too old to learn and too scared to try. I'll just wait in the lodge and drink cocktails while everyone else goes skiing!


You'd think someone from Utah would know how to ski but it wasn't all that popular until I was in my 30s. You're much braver than I as I was just too afraid to downhill.
We're expecting snow this weekend. We're all hoping for a ton of white stuff this year!


Haven't skied since I blew out a knee 15 years ago. Your slow and steady comment makes me think of my mother's first (and last) skiing adventure; she was in her early 50's. We were in Berchtesgaden, Germany for Christmas. She got us kids up on skis, then stood up herself, promptly fell down and broke her wrist. She started laughing and packing ice on her wrist. We spent the rest of Christmas Day in the nearest Army hospital while she got her cast.


My dad taught me to ski at the same time I was learning to walk! He would carry me up the hill a ways (with me tucked under his arm, legs & skis dangling at this side), put me down, and push me down the slope. I skied many times on Cranmore, and have so many great memories of riding the little cars up (and sometimes down lol) the mountain. I think I'd like to go cross-country skiing again sometime, as I haven't downhill skied in forever!

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