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Thursday, October 25, 2012



They are wonderful Kim! And that pattern is to die for. I think I'm going to be making it very soon...so I'm off to look at your store right now!


I am going totally out on a limb and saying, what about matching the cowl to the lining? All your grays are TDF.


First, congratulations on (can't come up with the right word here--"outgrowing" isn't quite true) your red coat not fitting anymore. The cowl is really pretty--I like it better than most cowls I've ever seen. My vote goes to the deeper color--it looks smashing against the coat!

Cheryl S.

Either color will be wonderful, and the cowl is gorgeous. Must go check out that pattern.


I like the one on the left better. And you're killing me! Love the cowl! lol. I'm working away on Twig and Leaf. Loving every second... once I got past the cast on and first couple of rows, that is. :-)


What a beautiful cowl pattern. Red Hot Chili Peppers! It'll pop against the lighter color of the coat. But then again I am partial to the red side of the color spectrum. :-)

Heather T

I think either would be just beautiful....
And then I think you should send the other one to me :)


Oh and my vote is for the right one!


As soon as I saw the yarn and you said long cowl, that's the pattern I thought of. I need to make one of those!


I'm all for the Chili Pepper! It's contrast is beautiful with the orange of your coat. I love the cowl. When she posted it yesterday I quickly put it in my faves. Way to stay warm this winter, Kim!


I love the contrast of the yarn on the left, but the yarn on the right is so complimentary ... how about a cowl from the left and mitts from the right? Love the jacket! And yes, a too-big coat is just the right kind of problem to have, haha.


The one on the right competes more with the coat. The one on the left melds with it. IMHO


How about two cowls? I can certainly understand how hard it is to try and choose just one of those yummy colors.


I like the one on the left better - is that Spiced Cider? Mmmmm. I understand about the coat business, too. I broke down last year and bought a nice pea coat from LL Bean. I paid a fair amount of money for it and now the damn thing is too big. It's a good problem to have but STILL!


oh they're both lovely! i think i would go with the one on the right though. or well maybe the one on the left. no the right, no... lol both beautiful! love those spicey colors too!

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