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Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Hard work, but good for the soul, and good for everything else except the back. :( Have you had a hard frost yet?


I always have mixed emotions when I'm putting the garden to "bed" for the winter. Lots of work; a pastime I'll miss; but I'm usually ready to spend more time . . . knitting.


our tomatoes didnt do very well this year either but the ones we did get were deeelish! our green beans did well though. and we have garlic hung up in the garage for about a year's worth. our apricots..omg!!! soooo good! and a ton of them! and dh made some awesome confiture out of them so we can enjoy them all year. we also had a ton of zuccini til something killed the plants nad a ton of aubergines. lovely as my dh found a new recipe for them. dh just put out garden to rest for the winter too; it looks so pretty with all that freshly churned earth. now comes the stinky chicken compost fertilizer part ;)
sounds like he does all the work lol! we split things up pretty well. he takes care of garden stuff other than picking - i do that. and itake care of inside stuff. he does jellies and special cooking, i do day to day cooking. he's pretty free all summer while i work most days so he does do more things in thesummer than in the other seasons to help out around the house


Gardening is hard work but it's good work! I bet fresh broccoli is awesome. I've never had it before.

Mary K. in Rockport

We had lots of tomatoes, potatoes, chard, and herbs. Pole beans were so-so. Last year, all the squashes, usually the work horses, died off, so we didn't even try this summer. Do you put salt hay on for the winter?


So did you save the marigolds for future dyeing? The flowers can be dried and the leaves and stems frozen for future use. Love the Monarch butterfly enjoying your calendulas.


Broccoli in our garden did extremely well, too and it's still giving (for now). Smith is now working on next years garlic patch.
There is something very satisfying about cleaning up a space no matter where or what.


An empty bed but great memories of all those delicious vegetables. I'm fondly remembering your caprese salad from vacation. Mmmmm.

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