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Thursday, October 18, 2012



Pretteh! I have a Le Crueset. I roast a whole chicken in there with whole cloves of garlic in the bottom. I put salt and pepper, thyme/ rosemary or sage and squeeze half a lemon in the cavity. I syphon off the fat from the bottom after the first hour and then leave the top off for 30 mins after until the skin is crispy. .


Lovely pot! And of course, now I'll be humming Donovan all day. :)

Lee Cockrum

I don't have a Dutch oven, although I do have an all clad set of pans that I LOVE!!

The only time I ever did short ribs was from totally grass fed beef, which is much leaner, and they were amazing! I'll have to try your chicken recipe.


Laura beat me to it, but that is exactly what I would do, i.e. start a day ahead of time, cook the short ribs up to the part where you take the meat out of the liquid and refrigerate the liquid and meat separately. The fat (and I know short ribs are fatty--that's why they taste so darned good) will rise to the top and solidify and can be easily removed before you continue on.


purrr-ity, I've got one and have been using it for the last month or so, happy cooking and looking :)


I have three le creuset pans , a Dutch oven, a braiser and a casserole. I adore them! I'm sending you a real food recipe tonight that I just tried....you will love it!


Just goes to show that all the electric slow cookers in the world don't have near the beauty of a classic Dutch Oven which, in one variation or another, has been a part of world cooking for generations.

Yum, nothing like a good one pot casserole.


Saffron's mad about you! I have a weakness for braised short ribs, fat and all. But the chicken happens much more frequently!


I have two Le Creuset ovens and I use them all the time. Worth every penny.


That's a beautiful dutch oven! Mine is just plain black cast iron but I'd love to get an enamel coated one some day.

Kristi aka FiberFool

That is a gorgeous Dutch Oven! Given the current age of your pots and pans I'm sure you'll get your invest back in spades.

Sandy W

Your new dutch oven is beautiful. It looks nicer than my Le Crueset knock-off, but, the one I use does a great job with pozole, gumbo, spaghetti sauce and meatballs, etc. I'm sure you'll love it and make it part of your kitchen for a long time. Enjoy!


The Dutch oven is so pretty. It always amazes me that we women make do with old (fill in the blank....pans, appliances, etc.). You are on your way to many delicious meals.

Cheryl S.

That's a beautiful Dutch Oven! I'm still using my mom's, which was a wedding present (in 1953). But of course, it's not nearly as attractive as yours.


I use short ribs to make beef soup/stew, but it's a two-day affair. On the first day, I brown the ribs, then use the same pan to sauté my veggies, then dump them all in my stock pot and simmer in beef broth for an hour or two. Then I refrigerate the pot overnight. In the morning, I scrap the fat off the top & discard it, then I remove the bones and any fatty bits from the meat, and add the rest of my soup/stew ingredients, like lentils, barley, more broth, etc.

The chicken dish sounds super-yummy! I'll have to try that this week. Thanks for sharing!


The color is warm and inviting! Too bad your first dinner in it wasn't. Miriam's chicken sounds delish!

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