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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Happy Birthday!


Happy B-day! And yes, we always had a big Sunday dinner growing up...and because my mother was a Brit and I grew up there, it was usually roast beef, roasted vegetables--wonderful potatoes with a lovely crunchy crust--and a glorious Yorkshire Pudding, all covered with homemade gravy. And a trifle for dessert. Okay, now I am hungry.

Like you, weight factors being what they are (and $$$) means this kind of meal occurs only at special times, such as Christmas.

Mary K. in Rockport

We DID have Sunday dinner. Pot roast was always my favorite; the old fashioned cooker had a steam vent that made a tinny "blip, blip, blip" noise for hours before dinner, and I loved that noise. In my father's little upstate New York town, the table really groaned on Sundays - roast beef AND ham AND chicken. Good thing we only visited there once a year!
We've been quite surfy down here in Rockport, too.


Pot roast and fried chicken were usually our Sunday dinners--no complaints, I loved both. Many of the dinners listed were served as holiday meals or on other days of the week.

And since there's never too much of a good thing--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Happy happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Kim!


Happy Birthday girlfriend! We never had Sunday dinners per se only when I was in British boarding school and it was always roast lamb with mint jelly and apple pie.


Happy Birthday Kim!

I remember having the meals you mentioned for Sunday dinner at my Grandma's as a kid growing up. Such great memories... They're now a part of my family's repertoire. However, our all time favorite is homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches; simple but so tasty


Happy birthday, and thanks for all the luscious yarn you make! My favorite meal, as a child, and actually now too, is gumbo. It isn't a good mid-day meal, as it takes a while of almost constant tending, but boy is it good! Especially in cold weather, not that in Louisiana we get much of that!


Carole pointed out that Birthday Greetings are in order. Hope it's a great one!


Happy Birthday, Kim!!!!

Paella was my favorite dish--Dad was from Spain and I would beg him to make it for me all the time.


Happy Birthday Kim:-) Mashed potatoes and gravy yum....also a lover of meatloaf, foods that are good for the soul!


Sunday dinner was a regular thing at our house, too, and I loved all that comfort food. We never had chicken and dumplings, though, because my mom couldn't stand the texture of dumplings. I always wanted to try them! Happy Birthday, sweetie!


It all sounds delicious, though I've never heard of raisin sauce before! I'll trust you...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Kim!!


Happy birthday! (via Margene)

Cheryl S.

Happy Birthday, Kim!!!!


Happy Bday! Posole (Mexican Pork & Hominy Soup) and Tortellini Soup are our favorite cool weather dishes. Even though we haven't had cool weather yet, I made Posole the other night. LOVE IT!


Happy Birthday!

linda kaye

Happy Birthday Kim, and many more! Margene sent me - lol!


We usually had something that could cook the whole time we were in church (which meant it was often overcooked).:)
Many of us have our favorite family meals and Sunday traditions. Happy Birthday, dear friend!

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