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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Lee Cockrum

I love seagulls too! I am a city girl, and I love pigeons as well. People look at me oddly when I say that too! I enjoy watching all sorts of birds. Love your photos.


I love the story of the gull stealing the food! So funny!


No gulls in the mountains, but anyone who has ever watched the antics of crows and camp robbers (Clark's Jays) can appreciate a raucous, crafty bird. Some tenderfeet, camped by us in Rocky Mountain National Park, left food on their picnic table in paper grocery bags. The crows swooped in, unpacked the bags and had a picnic!


Wow, I never thought I'd see the day that I would meet another person whose favorite bird is the seagull! I've stopped telling people I like them because of the scorn I get in return. And Ospreys are my second favorite! I love this post.


What beach is this? When I was 9 my uncle pitched a huge tent on Plum Island and we camped with family and his (wife and 4 kids) for a whole week! I realize this this isn't something that would be done today but it was so much fun! I love the seagulls too!


I wonder if the younger gull was the kid not wanting to leave mom alone? I love watching birds. It's my favorite activity of every day!


Love the bird photos and stories. In my region, the Hummies are frantically drinking their fill before they migrate south. My husband usually takes care of the feeders, but is out of town, so I find myself cooking up their 'syrup' more frequently than my own meals. Impatience little dudes, they don't like it when I need to refill the feeders and will come right up to my ear while I am trying to rehang them as if that will move me a bit faster. But watching them fight over the feeders with each others is amazing. We've even named our regulars.


Great capture of the gulls and shore birds. One time I drove by the osprey nest and both the mama and dad were there - so cool!


Your pictures really tell the tale! Scoundrel is the right word for those buggers. I do like their spirit, too.

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