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Monday, January 23, 2012


Tiffany Larsen

It may looked a bit messy then, but I’m pretty confident that everything worked out for the better after the home renovation. Did you have some unique concept in mind? You know what, my sister recycled some of her old stuff made from plastic, and I was shocked to see that she was able to use it as a bathroom, and attic door! It really saved her from having to shell out money for new wooden doors. In any case, I wish to see what your new house looks like now. =)

Kip Whitehead

Yeah, renovating a house can be messy at first, but once you’ve cleaned up everything and put on the new stuff, you will feel relaxed and rewarded afterward. I suddenly remembered the time when we also remodeled our house. It was tiring yet totally satisfying in the end. Anyway, looks like your new windows are strong enough to block the cold breeze of the winter from coming into your home.

Tom Livernois

Boy does that take me back. You'll be happy about it come next winter that's for sure. Now it'll be warm and cozy when I come for a visit. :)


We are on a similar project. It started as the 4 year plan but has been extended to the 8 year plan. My husband removes all the old wood siding from one side of the house and puts up plywood. (after checking the wiring and adding fire breaks.) Then he puts in new window boxes and replacement window sashes. Insulation gets blown in and the following summer cement board siding is put up and the windows are trimmed and the trim painted. The first side was finished last summer and the second side got one row of plywood before it got too cold. My husband is doing most of this himself on his vacation and summer weekends. My job is to keep the 3 kids out of any dangerous situations. The first side is so wonderful that I am impatient for the 2nd (north) and 3rd (west - where most of the weather comes from) to be done.


I'm right there with you. We're currently packing stuff up in preparation for a whole house remodel. It's crazy-making for sure. Good luck!


When it's done, it's like childbirth. You forget the pain, and love the result!


Good luck! It's always worth it in the end.


Oh Kim - messy but exciting! Can't wait to see the finished product!


It will be worth the turmoil to have a house you love. We've been painting and that alone is such a mess. I understand what you're going through. Keep the faith!


Your house reminds me of my house!

I replaced all my old wavy-glass windows a few years ago, and while I certainly do appreciate the tilt-sashes and no more storm windows, I also really miss the view through that wavy, bubbly glass. I wish very much that I had kept just one of those old windows in place. It would have been worth the draft.

Good luck with your projects!


Oh Boy, Kim. How well I know this tune!!! I went without walls for 5 years in a nearly 200 yr old house! I'm still whimpering for the carpenter to finish this, tackle that ....
But you have a lovely good sense of humor so all will be well!

Sandy W

It's tough to live in chaos, but, just wait till you can enjoy it and laugh about it. We put in hardwood in our kitchen and dining area and ceramic tile in both of our bathrooms last spring. The two guys doing it are really good and had time to fit our project in before another one was ready. This meant we had to get everything cleared out at the same time we were getting ready for vacation. It was very stressful. So, we went on vacation to Baton Rouge and came home to beautiful floors. We got to miss out on what to do about both bathrooms being out of order for a couple days!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Well - with a loan in hand, at least it means that the project will actually get done and you won't be waiting for the next $100 to do some little thing! I bet it will be lovely! Be careful of your back!


Yes, exciting yet unsettling. It'll be nice when all is said and done!


How exciting! I don't think there's any insulation in our living room, either!


You are so brave! We have the same non-insulation issue, with lathe and plaster. I am loathe to deal with it. But we put 11 new windows in a couple years ago and it was such an improvement (even if I did lose my pretty wavy glass). You guys will be toasty warm!


I laughed when I saw your first photo. I joke with my husband about the "Certainteed" wallpaper in his living room when I met him.

It seems I've lived most of my life with some sort of "house project" going on -- big or small.

Catherine Conrad

All of the mess you are going through will be work it in the end when you can enjoy a lovely renovated home. Be of good cheer!

Kristi aka FiberFool

I have to say I don't envy you at this stage, but likely will when it's done!

We have our own mini renovation in the works, but classes started for DH so I suspect we'll be living with the supplies cluttering the hallway until at least spring break, if not summer. We're putting laminate floor in the kitchen/dining room to replace the horrible DIY tile put it by the previous owners. They didn't screw down the cement board, level the floor or start laying tiles from the center out. Most are loose and cracked and as a result I can't wash my floors :-(

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