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Wednesday, July 06, 2011



A break sounds good. There seems to be so much in your post that isn't being said. It sounds like a respite is needed.

Traci Frederick

My thoughts are with you! :)


Hugs to you. Knitting looks gorgeous.


WHAT is that YARN?? The colors are just gorgeous!


Turnabout is fair play....any time you need a shoulder! We're going through quite a bit of drama here ourselves, so I can relate, sort of. I've been diving into a bottle of cold Sauvignon Blanc-which I buy by the case-every night and that gets the job done as far as sleeping. Mostly. Keep your chin up...it will either get better, or it will get worse.

Wait a minute.....BRICK AND MORTAR STORE?? Seriously? I might need to make a trip to New Hampshire!

Amy J

Yay! So glad the Whitfield shorty is in testing...I have a little guy here I'm hoping to make it for. And the Vitamin D is on my list of drool-worthy. You're hitting all my favs...including your lovely yarn ;)


Wait, when will there be a brick and mortar store? I can't wait! Finally a terrific place I've read about on blogs is going to be within my reach? Yay!! I totally agree with you about eating the young. Many times I wondered why I didn't just raise dogs but now that everyone is in their twenties (or older!) life is good. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!


I recognized that pattern as the Whitfield jacket right away. I've always wanted to make one for Dale but it seems a little daunting, you know? I am ready for an update on the homefront situation.


Kim, I am so sorry you are having kid problems and that you're sequestered! yikes
Vitamin D is on my list and I actually cast on and decided at the last minute to go with another sweater. I'll be back to it in the fall. Can't wait to see yours! Anne's sweater looks so darling, well I guess it's your grandsons little sweater, but it looks like a winner. Sending good kid vibes your way!! xoxo

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