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Thursday, July 21, 2011



I am in awe.


I always plant marigolds under my tomato plants to keep away the bugs! And you have a beautiful garden. This afternoon teen-age daughter and I are headed to the local farmer's market that's supposed to be organic. That doesn't really matter to me, except it means I can eat the peaches with fuzz on!

landscaping service

These gardens look absolutely great! You really did a fantastic job getting them in on time and taking care of them so well.


KIm - a question unrelated to gardening... do you ever have cavalier pups for sale?


Looking good Kim! I was thinking of you yesterday while watching all the bees hover around the bee balm in the yard. Beautiful little buggers.


How do you store your garlic? Also, what do you do with all that basil? I have not found a way to keep basil over the winter...and I have a lot of basil this year! Any tricks?


It must have been garlic-in-the-universe Day! My mom harvested hers in 102 degrees!


Maybe pole beans are the answer, Kim, although I've never found a variety that tastes quite as good as some of those little bush beans. Still.....any bean left on the bush/vine tastes better than the ones the 'chucks get! I've had the same problems over the years with the squash bugs and cucumber beetles: a combination of row cover and planting off schedule (earlier or later than usual) seems to throw the little bugger off kilter. I'm the only one in the world who cannot grow zucchini....we get borers. Anyway, no garden this year for obvious reasons.


We harvested our garlic today, too! Your garden looks great and I'm so sorry about the woodchucks! Wish we could share our green beans with you!


I harvested my garlic today, too! And rescued some parts of the garden that had become jungle-like. Things are doing incredibly well for me this year, despite the odd weather and the fact that I have not been giving it much attention and we are not eating enough out of it... I'm either giving stuff away or I'm throwing stuff out, it seems. I just have too much for us to cope with....

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