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Friday, May 06, 2011



I planted a few things two weeks ago, but it hasn't stopped raining long enough for me to slog out there and check on them!

I'm thrilled your lavender survived. I'm starting some from seed indoors and I've found a warm, sandy spot for it, which I'm going to surround with white stones to reflect heat and sun. So far, I've never had luck getting it through the winter.

Jo Morgan

Boy, do I feel dumb. You graciously answered my query about the sock...and about the part of the country. So, today I went to my woolen rabbit bookmark, clicked and realized your locale is mentioned right in your masthead. If I only ... Jo


Mmmm. Such lovely rejuvenation in the garden bed. My sage did that last year, I forgot (or chose not to) prune it, and it FLOWERED.


So pretty! I think we are throwing in the towel on the garden this year -- too many years of getting it going only to come home from work and have the whole thing gone courtesy of the garden critters.

Jo Morgan

Loved, loved, loved the sock. You didn't say what the pattern is--I'm hoping you don't mind telling! I am always curious when I see gardening photos about what part of the country... I have limited space for my herb garden, but have been harvesting chives and tarragon for about a month. I live in the Denver area. Jo


A lesson learned! Next year we'll know to much our herb beds for a bit of insulation from winters frost. If you put some lettuce in now you may have a salad, with fresh herbs, by mid-June. The sock is lovely! Deets, please!


Spring has definitely been fickle this month. We haven't even put out the deck furniture yet. Too bad the black flies didn't delay, too, eh?

Genia Potter

Herbs are nice, but do please tell about the sock, please.


Well how lovely to see your garden! I am so pleased things are alive and well. And I think you are right about the mulch having protected things. That makes sense. Oh dear, black flies - we do not have them. They sound particularly awful- mind you we do have our pests, however. I hope you plant some Italian pumpkins, zucca. I would love to see your results!

Cheryl S.

Nice sock!

I'm afraid my spring veggies are not doing well, with all the cold, rain, and snow we've had. All I have are a few straggly, tiny pea plants, and maybe half a dozen wee spinach seedlings. Everything else got frozen or drowned. And now we'll probably launch right into the heat.


Here (in central MA) I was racing to get fencing done before the black flies (aka Spawn of Satan) arrived this year...can you imagine anything more provoking than trying to fence through a tangle of bittersweet and blackberries WITH black flies? And they sure are here now - ugh.

The sock is beautiful! Good luck on your weekend knitting :)

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