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Monday, March 28, 2011


Cindy D

Great use of two very different fabrics!


That sample looks fantastic and I love your fabric choices!

I look for complete closure of the top without a zipper, at least one small pocket on the inside, and the ability to stand up on its base without sagging or toppling.


Hi Kim,

A pocket on the outside can be quite handy - for the pattern or to tuck keys, cell phone, a cable needle, pen/pencil, (chocolate), scissors, etc. A magnetic closure is a nice finish for these type of pockets.

Love that Sweetwater fabric. Wish I had bought a bolt of it when it came out!



That's awesome. Love that it stands up on it's own, can be completely closed without a zipper to snag yarn and the fabric choice is fantastic. A sweater size would be awesome. How about inside? Are there any dividers? One huge divider across the center would help keep the WIP separate from all the "other" stuff that ends up in my knitting bag. Would make it much easier to deal with.


Everyone has pretty much covered the bases. The sample looks great, like the drawstring, and the fact that it sits and doesn't fall over. I like a couple of pockets, one for the junk and other to hold the pattern or other needles. It needs to be big enough to hold a larger project but not too big if you know what I mean. I for one think a smaller handle is better than something too long. Handles/straps never stay on my shoulder and I would want something I can hang on to but isn't so big that I feel like I need to shorten it. I love your bags, your selection of fabrics and the TLC you put into them!!!


That's really cute! I love the contrasting fabric top and drawstring!

My perfect knitting bag has several pockets, including at least one with a closure to keep small notions from getting lost in the bottom of the bag and one big enough for a quarter-folded sheet of paper. A strap long enough that I can toss the bag over my shoulder - or better yet, backpack-style straps, so I can tote it around hands-free and it doesn't slip off one shoulder like every other bag in the universe seems to (maybe I have really sloped shoulders?)


I like a few inside and/or outside pockets. No velcro to snag my yarn. I like one that sits open, doesnt' flop over so a sturdy bottom would help. Love my wee bunnie bags so can't wait to see these.


Large enough to fit a good sized project and strong enough not to fall in on itself while open. By the way, love the prototype!


My favorite thing about any knitting bag, is to be able to open it and see what's inside. Room for a couple of balls of yarn and needles that don't poke through. I've just finished one, myself, and it fits the bill. Small ones for socks, medium ones for scarves, and larger ones, for sweaters...that works for me!

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I think everyone has just about said it -
enough side strength to sit up - drawstring instead of zippers or velcro, and pockets. I think the biggeest thing for me is pockets - not just a notions pocket, but one - (or two, or three) thin pockets specifically for needles.(Would love that n the bunny bags,too) DPN's especially and straights. I love my Bunny bag - I have the tan with red stripes - and personally - I really like it the best of all of them. Very, very pretty - but not too cutesy.


That bag looks almost perfect. It matches my favorite Wee Bunny Bag, too! Sitting up is number one, a strong handle, and a little pocket or two inside. It looks like you're about there!


I'm ready for my sweater size project bag, Miss Kim!


I love something that can "sit up" and not fall over (too much) as well as have handles that don't get in the way. :)

I'm knitting with your yarn right now! Finished pics on the blog by week's end. :)


I love the prototype! My favorite knitting bags have drawstrings. I love your contrasting fabrics. It adds some depth to the project. Can't wait to see it in production in different sizes.


love that bag! love the cute fabric, love the drawstring top to close up the project without it getting stuck in a zipper or just flopping open :P
if it has a cell phone keys and wallet pocket and an area for notions, that would be my dream bag
great job!


Something easy to get in to, something that will "sit up", something that is made with awesome fabric inside and out, something that has a lining so that needles don't poke through, a pocket or two, and easy to grab and go :-)

Love the prototype!


Lots of little pockets for DPNs and other necessary knitting doo dads. Love the drawstring top. Cute fabric too.


Something to carry dog brushes, conditioner, a few leads, some bait ....


I love the idea of a drawstring on the top! It also has to have a pocket or two for lipstick, keys, etc. That way I can skip hauling a purse with me!


I like a knitting bag with a long strap that I can carry over my head/shoulders. That leaves me both hands free to knit and not fight a small bag that might be on my wrist. a lack of snaps, zippers, and velcro that snag yarn goes without saying.

I keep meaning to ask, will you have a booth at the NH Sheep & Wool Festival in May? Or does your process of dying in small batches make showing impossible. I'd love to see your yarns/colors in person.

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