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Friday, February 04, 2011



Of course Shari came through. I LOVE her work. LOVE. Worth every penny. I had a Whitefish Bay fleece ruined by another processor who did better work in the past, and since then (my hands typed wince then, yeah), I have been monogamous.


I enjoy reading your blog and this one in
particular. Love your yarn also. I am going
to buy a Mac Laptop soon and then the iPad!
You can't beat their products. Good luck with your new job.

Mona P

Congratulations on your new venture, Kim!


I'm a rabbit-and very excited about the new year as well!

i use Morro Bay and have never been disappointed-i'm getting a merino fleece which i'm picking up at stitches west and will be sending it off to Shari. can't wait to see what she dos with it!!!


Interestingly Bloglines never actually went away. They just threatened to...I like the new format now that its run by a different company. I just read this blog on Bloglines.


I enjoyed reading your post! I used to have a Pampered Chef oil mister but I think I pitched it. Think I'll check out Misto.

Wool Winder

I didn't know about the oil sprayer...may have to get one. Good luck with your business.


Good luck to you, Kim. I'm a Rabbit and looking forward to a year of good fortunes as well. Thanks for tips on the Mistos and you'll love your Mac.

Carrie McW

Love my Mac. Love Morro Fleece Works! Shari is amazing! I sent her some bunny and she blended it with merino (can't remember exactly the %) and it is a dream to spin.


I found out today through Yahoo that I was born in the year of the Rabbit. I'm hoping for a calmer year.

The fiber looks wonderful.


Welcome to the Mac family! I told you Morro was the bomb for processing and Shari is a sweetheart! The stuff spins itself on the wheel. Love that champagne colored pin drafted roving you have there.

Sue J.

You will love your Mac, Kim. Been on them since '86. Hope you are feeling better!


You've got good things on your list today. I like the idea of a Misto and I will look for one for myself.


Have used a Misto for years and love it. SO much nicer to know what you are using in your food.


Smith is a Rabbit. He does his best to calm me and help me relax. Your year of the Rabbit is starting out on the right foot. Best wishes for a year of calm as you take a step forward into a new future.

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