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Monday, January 24, 2011



Wishing you and yours the best of health. Best wishes on your new full-time venture.


Glad to hear you're on the mend along with your dad; I had the same surgery just before Christmas....bad timing on my part. Congrats on your job decision! Nice to devote yourself to something you really love doing. Best wishes.

Susan in Guelph

Wishing you and your Dad a full and gentle recovery, Kim. The Zen saying that has been my mantra/comfort for the past few months is: "Leap and the net will appear." Kudos to you on your career leap of faith!


Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful future - both business and health-wise! You truly deserve the best.


I am so, so glad to hear you are doing better & that your Dad is improving! Congrats on your big jump into full time fiber as well! You are a true innovator in the color world and I firmly believe you will continue to excel :)


Glad you and your Dad are feeling better! You always have such beautiful yarn and patterns to share! Take it easy. *hugs*

Traci Frederick

All the best to you, Kim!


Sorry that I missed the post about your Dad- and SO glad that his surgery was a success!!
And you - well, I am glad they were able to solve the problem, and that you are finally on the road to recovery ;-)
Be careful about the lifting - no reason to push yourself too fast.
And CONGRATS on the bold and fabulous move to be a full time fiberista!! woo hoo <3


Glad to hear you and your father are on the mend. Congratulations on being able to move forward with your dream. I am confident you'll be very successful.

PS: I too love Anne's Curling pattern; fun to knit and great to wear. Family members are adding it to the "knit list".


Glad that you and your Dad are doing better. Looks like I was a bit late to the extra kits..I will just have to wait until that yummy yarn is available in the shop!

Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeves!!


I hope you and your father are both feeling fine. Congrats on leaving the job for fiber and yarn. Can't wait to see what comes into the shop when you have more time.

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Hope both you and your father are recovering nicely by now. But such lovely knitting. I'm glad for you and your leap into your business. You have such beautiful yarns that I'm sure you will do very well.

Wool Winder

That's a lot for one month. Hope you recover quickly.

Cheryl S.

Best wishes on a successful journey!

I hope both you and your father are well on the way to recovery. Don't worry too much about the 7 stents - I know someone who has 21, and has been going strong for years and years.


All the best to you Kim! Can't wait to see what the future brings!


Congratulations on such a major decision. It must be scary yet liberating!! I hope you heal well and do take the Dr's advice. I had the same thing 2 yrs ago and enjoyed some knitting time for exactly the same reason. Apparently it was the yellow colour I had become that clued them in I needed the surgery FAST! I look forward to seeing more posts from you, always enjoy the ones you do now even though they may be few, we understand.


so glad you are feeling better!


Hope you are on the mend now! Nothing like a few curves thrown by life to shake things up a bit, eh? :)


I'm glad you and your dad are doing better. I guess I never knew you had a "real job." How in the world have you been doing all that you do?! Wow!


It must feel good to know you did the right thing. Sending healing thoughts to you and your Dad.


Congrats on going full time with a "fiber" job!!! I envy you!!!


Yay for the big news! That's exciting & I look forward to seeing new developments. Take the surgery recovery easy (had that one myself last year).


I love that quote for January.

Leaps are scary. I admire you for doing it. (I clearly can't.) Glad you are on the mend, and doing better. I worry about you.


I knew about your surgery, of course, but didn't know your dad had a health scare, too. I'm grateful you are both doing fine. Can't wait to see you at SPA!

Miss Maddie's

You certainly have had a very busy month.
Hope you're feeling better, looking forward to your new career and enjoying all that beautiful knitting.


YEAH YOU! Glad all is well after those health probs - set for a while i suspect ;)
Best of luck in your new endeavors!


Wow, this HAS been quite the month for you and yours! Glad everyone is holding up, and glad you are on the mend. And with such a bright future ahead! Spring is going to be extra-exciting, methinks!XO


Congratulations on your leap of faith!! It's so exciting to follow your dreams - and we'll all benefit greatly from it :)

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