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Sunday, July 18, 2010


drip irrigation systems

It's fun to grow your spices in the garden. I learned a lot of the recipes you attached and the ways you taught to move the plants from the garden to the kitchen



Just discovered your blog and thought I'd share how I dry herbs.

I put them on a cloth covered tray and put the tray in the car. As the car sits in the sun and heats up the herbs dry very quickly.



Like Cheryl S, I freeze pesto in icecube trays - very convenient for adding to pasta or soup, come winter.
I dry my other herbs - parsley, thyme, sage, oregano - but I've never done anything with my tarragon. Will try to remedy that this year!


This is such a great post. So many ideas! I don't grow many herbs - just basil, rosemary, sage and lavender. We use the rosemary all the time and it grows more or less year round. The basil gets planted each summer and we enjoy it when it's here (I'll have to try your prep method and waste less). I'm almost embarrassed to admit that the only thing I do with the lavender is watch the bees buzz around it and I do nothing at all with the sage.

Tina M.

Love the flower photo! Thank you for posting. It made me so happy that it's now my desktop background. :)


Oh and I made pest today. :-)


Great post! I have several herbs potted that I use as I need them, so I don't get full use out of them. Your methods are great for extending their use. I'm bookmarking this post. :-)

Kristi aka FiberFool

I need to know more about how to harvest the herbs (where and when in the growth cycle etc.) to harvest. Do you recommend any particular resources for that information?

I keep the cilantro and parsley in glasses of water in the fridge. I like making chimichurri sauce and am contemplating freezing it like you do the basil.


oh, what a wonderful and beautiful post about herbs; i'm a little ashamed that i'm not nearly as considerate of mine. but you encourage me to take more care with them . . .thanks!


Thanks for the information. I've never had a garden, but this inspires me to try.


next time you clip your tarragon, mix a significant amount with a sitck of soft butter. store it in an air tight jar in the fridge. It's a great for grilling fish, a dollop on a grilled steak is amazing, anywhere you need butter and like taragon... you are good to go... my favorite, on fresh, homemade bread right out of the oven!


Very helpful!! I planted quite a few more herbs than usual this year... and I, too, need to try harder...

Cheryl S.

For the basil, I do sort of the same thing. I don't normally have a giant harvest, so I just make up pesto and freeze it in small ice cube trays. Then I can just grab one or more pesto cubes when I want them. This year I planted a lot more, so maybe I'll try your method.

Otherwise, I just use the hang-in-bunches method.

Thanks for the tip on the tarragon - I've never tried drying it, but I'll definitely give that a shot. Maybe today.


Thanks for the herb post. I have herbs, but I don't use them to much since I don't know how to store them. Great Ideas!!

Wool Winder

I love the fragrance of an herb garden. Totally worth growing, if only for that one reason.

Louellen Lawson

Thanks so much for this post. I follow your blog for the pretties that you knit, but this post was GREAT, because just this year I have started a few herbs, not really knowing what to do with them. I will be sure to check back with this post each time I harvest a little bit of the herbs.


This is a really helpful post. I tend to neglect my herbs but I learned a lot here and I think it will help me spend more time on my herb garden.


Very helpful hints! Mine are decorative on the deck, and I want more than just salad addition use out of them.


Great tips for keeping the herbs we grow! I especially like your frozen basil method.

Your rudbeckia are ahead of mine a bit. I think that little insect is a bee fly.


Thank you for the great ideas for herbs. We didn't plant as many this year as we don't use them to their fullest, either. You've given me some great ideas. One of our favorite herbs this year has been a lime basil. It might also be called Thai basil. It's very mild yet flavorful.


Yay for herbs! I, too, don't use them to their fullest potential. I should try harder.

Bev Adler

Have you ever tried drying herbs in a microwave? I think I've heard of that before, but don't know if it changes the flavor or not.

Some of my friends also dry theirs in a dehydrator because it's quicker than the process of tying them up and hanging them. You can just fill the trays with them and dry.

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