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Sunday, July 11, 2010


baby crib

I have a little garden place in my house. I planted plants and some vegetables. But it seems that it is not working well. I was thinking if I am going to do what you did in your garden will make my plants grows well.


Your garden looks like it's doing very well. I love the tarp idea. I have even seen some gardeners that buy cheap umbrellas and put them in the garden. Crazy but it looks kind of cute. My lettuces bit the dust a while ago. The tomatoes are all trying to turn red at once to I have two things that I am doing with thme. I have been oven drying them with olive oil, garlic,and Italian seasonings. I am going to can the rest so I have tomtatoes during the winter months. I am going to plant green beans again here shortly. The heat finally got to them after 18 pounds of beans.


After the last two cold wet summers, who'd have thought we'd ever be fighting off the sun? Love the parasol for the garden!


I love the soda bottle idea too! I will definitely try that out on my tomato plant (which is cursing the fact that I am gone at work through the midday sun and cannot top up its water). Your plants are so far along, too? When did you first plant them?


Great garden update! The bottle-watering is a great idea. :-)

Cheryl S.

I also put a shade cover over my lettuce, and I'm trying to keep more planted throughout the year. This is the first year I've tried doing that.

I thought about planting broccoli seeds, but I don't think I have enough time for harvest.

Just planted some bush beans yesterday where the peas were, though.


You have the most elegant looking garden! I live in an apt currently, so only pots of tomatoes and herbs on the balcony for now. However I hope to someday have a garden 1/2 as nice as yours!

BTW.. the plastic water bottles for irrigation is ingenious! I might try with smaller bottles for my potted plants.


Smith will love the idea of using soda bottles to water! We harvested the last of our lettuce and will plant again in a couple of weeks to take advantage of the cooler August nights.

Wool Winder

We're used to the heat down here and we're equipped to deal with it--everyone has air conditioning. Of course, we would not survive your winters, so that makes us even.

The garden is looking great! You're on top of things with the tomatoes so I'm sure you'll get a crop this year.


I watered like mad- dragged the hose 100 yds to the raised beds and soaked them with regularity. My wand attachment is a godsend. Discovered a mole determined to dig in veggie garden boxes. One of my potato plants is yellowing.... I wonder if said mole has destroyed its roots or whether it's an early variety and the plant is appropriately dying from the top. /Sigh.

Love your creativity with the tarp. I've done that with a hinged garden ladder and draped a bed sheet over it.

Beautiful stargazer!


Looks like a lot of work in the hot sun to me. You sound like you are enjoying it, though.


That tarp is very creative. You are doing far more work than I. But then your yields are better.

Miss Maddie's

We should all don hats when the sun is hot why not the veggie garden. I use a couple of market umbrellas with posts I placed in the earth before it was planted. Works great too.
I'd say it is that Yankee ingenuity but being slightly north of you in Ontario it must come from my Massachusetts and New York ancestral roots.

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