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Saturday, July 31, 2010



Kim, your garden is beautiful and I have tomato-cage envy - yours are wonderful! Needful. We are having a banner year in the garden -I cannot pick as fast as stuff grows!!! Pesto, refrigerator pickles, tabouli, etc .... good stuff! I must admit that I am weary of the yellow squash ...

dining set

You have an amazing garden. Your crops are so healthy and ready for harvest. I am so amazed how you made it so beautiful. I wish I have a talent in gardening like you.


Peppers don't like to set fruit when it is super hot. I have read you are supposed to MIST the damn things. Not likely.


I'm normally just a happy lurker of your fabulous blog.
Your garden is to die for. I look at your pictures and want to kick myself in the you know what for not putting out our tomatoes this year!!
Anyway, I know you love bees and I was just over at Waggle Dancing. Please follow this URL and I think you will find something really cute... http://waggledancing.wordpress.com/.

p.s. I'm not involved at all with this company, just love their blog.


Kim, the garden is beautiful! We had pretty sparse peppers as well. I think we had two peppers on each plant and that was it. They were good though! The thought of roasted tomato has made my afternoon thanks!


Your garden looks fantastic!!! Yummo. We have two beds that are doing well this year too. I think we've finally kept out the critters. (I hesitate to even type that!)


Kim- I have plans for a more extensive garden next year- but I did grow some tomatoes in pots and there is tons of them.

A banner tomato year.

Wool Winder

Yay for homegrown tomatoes! Gardens in this area are finished for the most part. It's too hot for tomatoes now. Okra is about the only vegetable that can take the late summer heat.

Barbara S

Your garden looks great....my vegetable patch had gotten increasingly shady over the years, so I really give up on vegetables. I did plant 2 tomato plants and they are doing fine. One is only about 15 inches tall (Black Krim) and the other is Country Taste, which is about 7 ft tall and seriously tipping over the flimsy cage. I've put in some large stakes to keep the plant from breaking. I see you have some spiral supports; how do you like them?


Your garden looks the way ours used to look before the heat wacked us but good. I planted enough beans that we got 14 pounds frozen in the freezer. I will enjoy them this winter. We ordered more seeds are going to try a fall planting of more beans. Our tomatoes have done well but we found a tomato hornworm the other day. I am not happy! I have make a ton of oven roasted tomatoes and have frozen them for later use. Can't beat them with a stick for anything! We have one quart of frozen cut up okra and the two plants we have are still producing. We have had a good yield overall from the garden this year and are so happy about it. Good luck with yours!

Cheryl S.

Glad your garden is doing so well! The summer crops seem a little slow in my garden this year - the regular-sized tomatoes are still not even pink, though I've picked some cherry tomatoes. I have lots of big green peppers, and I think I'll go pick a couple of ears of corn tonight.


Oh, peppers. We haven't had any yet. I think there are some tiny ones starting now but not sure if they are going to make it.
Last year, I was planing my dinners around them.


Your garden is beautiful and doing so well. We do not have any ripe tomatoes, not even a hint of pink (or yellow), but they look healthy and strong. We've been eating beans and squash for a couple of weeks and loving every bite. Gardening is addicting, fun and hard (but worthwhile) work!


I got so discouraged last year (second year of blight for us!) that I only planted one bush tomato in the greenhouse this year. It's doing very well, fingers crossed! As for starting from seed, in your neck of the woods, you need more than a cold frame: you need to start them under lights in March and keep potting them up till they are big enough to go to a cold frame. I gave up on that....the whole process precludes any trips to see the grandkids!


My tomatoes are still green, but they'll be along. Currently eating beans, chard, carrots, and beets from the garden. (Mmmmm... beet greens...)
So happy we're getting sunshine this year, instead of that rain-every-day of last summer!


My garden is great. I drive to the CSA and pick up my share! Ha! This week we got a dozen corn, 3 green peppers, 3 pickling cukes, 2 regular cukes, 2 summer squash, 2 zucchini, carrots, beans, potatoes, grape tomatoes - I think that was it. Last week we got native tomatoes and oh boy were they delicious!

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