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Sunday, July 04, 2010


Lee Cockrum

I agree that it is enjoyable to spend time in the garden, and I love to go 30 feet from my back door and pick something to eat!


Happy fourth! Sometimes process is the goal in gardening too. And you never have to wonder if waxes and "organic" fungicides will be part of your dinner.


I always look forward to all your information, as well as your enthusiasm when it comes to fiber....both veggie and woolie. My tomatoes in pots are doing nicely this year, due more to luck, I think, than any gardening ability on my part. The only pesticide I've ever used is liquid soap and water. I know my roses love it.


My grandparents had a fairly large garden growing up and in exchange for tomatoes my sisters and I had to eradicate the squash bugs from the plants. It was so gross and they smell soooo weird. We would use a shop vac with a solution in the bottom and suck up the bugs and drown them. It was the worst summer job but had the greatest rewards....Tomato sandwiches everyday!!


I've admitted defeat with my garden and plan to have it plowed under when they come with the machinery to grade for our new patio. Between the bugs, weeds, woodchucks, blights....meh. Not worth the money or effort. (Besides, we lose more sun in this location every year, so we'd have to move it all, anyway.) I'm having good luck with a few small plantings in raised beds in the greenhouse, so that will be it. Again, I have to recommend that floating row cover as bug deterrent....raise it up on PVC hoops and you can provide shade cover for certain crops, too. Good luck!


I think those of us who participate in CSAs are taking the easy way out. I wish I was as brave as you are! It was just too much, though. I'd work all day and then come home and it was hot and I was tired and I just didn't feel like dealing with bugs and watering and weeding. And then we'd loose whole plants to those damn bugs - especially the stupid and evil vine borers. So I gave up and now I am a lazy gardener and I let my CSA do it for me. YOU are the better person here!


We learn as much from you as we do from Norma when it comes to gardening tips. Smith will look for the spray today. We haven't seen many pests as yet, but we're preparing ahead of the game.

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