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Thursday, May 06, 2010



Credit card thingy on the iPad would have been perfect for New Hampshire Sheep & Wool festival this past weekend. I'm usully a lurker, but had to step out of the shadows to encourage you to have a booth at the NHS&W festival next year. Is there a reason you don't show there? Please consider for next year. I'd love to be able to see you and your yarns in person. I can promise that some would go home with me.


I've not gotten an iphone; there's no insurance for it so if it's lost or stolen, it's full price to get a new one.
The ipad looks like so much fun! Enjoy!!!!!!


Kim, my hubby Dave got an iPad for our 23rd anniversary! It just came last Wednesday and he is really loving it! So glad you got one, and enjoy it!


My husband calls me 'gadget girl' so I can totally relate to you. Just wanted you to know that after checking out Josh Ritter's music I downloaded the new album. His songs are very interesting, to say the least! Thanks for sharing him with us!

Julie Petty

I'm curious what the cost of an iPad is?


omg, i am SO jealous of your iPad!! i want one it want one i want one! one of those will make my traveling life so much easier . . . maybe in time for knit nation . . .

but if it couldn't be me, i'm glad it's you that has one!


iWant, but iDon't Have -- not even an iPod of any kind! My head's been turned, though!! I'd really like to see one in action. Ideally, I'd love to replace my laptop with a desktop and get an iPad for the road. We'll see... I'm obviously not moving too fast with the technology stuff these days. ; )


Kim- Why should you feel bad about having things? We all need to treat ourselves, and it's great that you like the IPad, because I wasn't sure what someone would use it for.

Now I know.


I have iPad envy! You do deserve and you can do so many things with it you can't do with the iTouch. I have a little credit with the iTunes store and Josh Ritter is just the right thing.

Wool Winder

My husband insists he "needs" an iPad. I'm hoping he'll hold out until November so I can buy him one for his birthday, but that probably won't happen. :)


Had to go check this Josh Ritter guy...inspired by Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. Wow...this guy is good!!!

My husband bought an iPod Touch a few months ago. It's a cute little toy, but I'm not overly impressed. Happy with my big honkin' 17" laptop, I am!!


Congratulations on your new toy! And yes you do deserve it!


I think the iPad is cool but I don't actually plan on getting one. Glad you are enjoying yours!


Haha! If you can't do iPhone, then you deserve an iPad. The credit card thing clinches it!


I love to hear about other people's "toys". I'm envious....the Ipad sounds so wonderful. I saw a demo last week at "Best Buy". Have fun with yours!

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