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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


seo tools

They are great. I love your blog.


Lovely sock Kim! I'm feeling inspired.
I am a dog lover and it's exciting to see such a tiny puppy! I have been wondering- is Ellie the only puppy in the litter? Maybe I missed something here. Her mother is adorable too!


Love the puppy pics! You should train her early to pose with socks...


I'm loving the puppy pix! Some of the joy, none of the work!

Your sock is pretty. Cookie's designs are quite wonderful.


Please keep the puppy pics coming. Our cavalier is 5 1/2 months, and I have loved every minute of his puppyhood. It would be wonderful to see it all again in your pup.


Hi Kim! Oh that pup and Mom are cute! I'd love to take on that 1 pair every other month challenge as well. Let's have an update in June and see how we're doing!

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Nice socks. Hope i could have them.


Shamefully behind on blog reading, I summarize a bit here:
fabulous puppy photos.
great socks.
incredible daughters. and I love the bragging.. they are amazing. You did a really good job Kim. such wonderful women they have become...
hugs to you. I hope the winter is treating you well... and I have been hoping to get my fiber fix from you soon (fingers crossed.. must wait til taxes are finished..)


Please keep the puppy pics coming, amid the yarn. They are endearing.


I remember Skyy's puppy pics too! What a sweet baby - and now she has her own! It must be really special to watch Mommy & baby when there is only one! So much love to give Ellie! :)


I have been looking/waiting for a puppy for almost a year now, so keep the pictures coming!! I'm looking for a performance toy poodle for agility, so the wait is long - love the pics :)

Jennifer Ingram

Such a baby... I have two friends with Cavaliers - Elvis and Leo.. they are the best behaved dogs I have ever met and I have 2 dogs... hmmm. I have my own card business and have made many a card with their sweet faces and comments on them - perfect models! Thanks for sharing - come visit some time, Jennifer


Sock Innovation is a great book. Have fun knitting from it. Ellie is adorable. She almost makes me want a dog. Almost.


Both Skyy and her puppy are gorgeous, Kim! I am happy for you.
Cavaliers are the best. I am getting nervous that mine are now approaching 12 and 8.

pat j

HI KIM --- wow what a busy life you have , but how fulfilling too---ELLIE is already growing and fun to see her looking around

- nice to see you knitting some socks for yourself - one real pretty pattern

best ---pat


I love the Elliebee picture! She and her mom are so cute.

Love the sock, I am determined to actually knit socks this year.

My batik bag arrrived today and I love it.


The mother is gorgeous, the puppy beyond cute.
I've always had Bostons but you're making me rethink. I just wanna give that pup a smoosh!!


Your first sock is beautiful; love the pattern and the yarn.

YAY for weekly Ellie updates! Her little face next to that bee is just too cute.

Wool Winder

The Year of the Sock is off to a great start with this pattern!

Cheryl S.

The Elliebee photo is the cutest thing ever!


She's so adorable! I love her and the mommy. I love you sock, too! I'm missing your quotes, Kim!


That photo of Ellie is way too cute!!!

Lovely sock!! That is one of my favorite colors!! Great combo!!

Did I mention how cute Ellie is?? :) :)


Kim- I don't know alot about Cavaliers- do they come in different colors? Skyy and Ellie Bee (Ellie Mae Clampett) have wonderful ginger hair.


Such a cutie! She certainly looks more awake and is taking in her surroundings. Funny when their eyes open and they go through that progression from sort of seeing to really seeing things around them.


Ellie is just adorable...and it is nice to see Skyy again. Your socks are lovely. I'm glad to see you enjoying yourself. :)


Your sock looks wonderful! And I love the dog photos - thanks for sharing!

I'm finishing a pair of socks and yesterday cast on for Carole's Picot Edge Socks because I need some straight knitting to keep in the car. Since I rarely knit socks, finishing even one pair will make it my year of the sock. :)


It is easy to see where Ellie got her good looks. Gorgeous dogs. Those soulful eyes really get you.


Your socks look wonderful - and so does little Miss Ellie!


Ellie is a charmer! Skyy has such a sweet face. I made a side bar button if you'd like one on your blog. My first pair for 2010 are almost finished and I sure like your Angie!


OMG! Ellie has to be the most precious thing around!! I'm looking forward to watching her grow.


Thanks for the puppy update! That sock is beautiful and just your color.

Miss Maddie's

I was enchanted by the name of your blog and when I came to visit discovered your beautiful knitting and an absolutely adorable puppy...
I shall return to watch the progress of your stole and the little darling.


Well our house is happy to hear that there will be weekly updates. Freya's been asking me if there are any new photos of that cute little puppy on my computer!


I remember when you got Skyy!! Now she's a mommy. Love it. I enjoy your knitting pictures, but have to be honest that I love the puppy pictures!!!! Wish I could have a puppy.

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