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Friday, February 12, 2010


Adam loves pics of puppies

These pictures are amazing! Your puppy is just so cute and small! I like it how you take photos of her over your beautifully colored yarns. It’s funny that she’s stuck on the first picture and is falling on the second. She’s so adorable. What’s her breed? I love to keep on staring at her pictures, they’re just irresistibly cute! Thank you for sharing this with us on thewoolenrabbit.typepad.com. Good thing I came across your post. These pictures are wonderful! She looks so innocent and seems to be wondering why you’re not helping her. It’s such a joy to have a puppy in the house.


The colors are lovely...okay, business out of the way.
That pup is the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever seen...
I just want to cooooooooo.


Those are gorgeous colors and an adorable puppy.


The yarn! The face! The yarn! No, the face!

Donna in Ma

OH, those colors are gorgeous! They are screaming SPRING!

Donna in Ma

How precious she is!
And what a BEE-u-ti-ful name!!!!


That little puppy is so adorable. Can't get enough of her. Your yarns are beautiful also- love the peach color.


Beautiful spring colors...and sweet Ellie wears them well. She just gets cuter every week! *hugs* :)

Hookie, UK

After losing our first dog, Lucy, six years ago age 17yrs, we are finally ready for a new one and have been thinking about a King Charles. If only I were one of your neighbours I would love to have one of the puppies but, alas, we live thousands of miles away and across the Atlantic Ocean! Ive really enjoyed reading about your doggies, though, as it is a bit like ante-natal classes for potential dog owners :-)


The yarn is really pretty, but again, not as pretty as the puppy! She looks thrilled about the poses! HA!


OH-MG, she is just SO cute! I thought I'd be going to spa in my fab maple wing shawl, but after a rocking start, I worked on it in social situations and screwed something up and (shh) put it down. But I still love it! It might be my "freedancing" (or whatever the event is) item for ravelympics...


The new colors are great! Elliebee is the cutest little pup.


Love the yarn and puppy pictures. That black button nose is just too cute!


Kim, it's a good thing I live so far away because I'd either have to dognap that little Elliebee or move in with her. What a sweetie!


Kim- She is such a little doll- with those cute eyes.


She is so cute! How can you get anything done with a wee thing like her around to pet and love? Wish I could be at SPA. You grrls will have a wonderful time. Look at all your amazing, warm, delicious yarns.


That has to be the cutest puppy ever.


I love the new yarn colors! Can't wait to shop your booth at SPA!! The puppy is getting cuter by the minute.

Wool Winder

The new colors are very pretty! Love that last picture of Elliebee.


It is clear you 'raise' beautiful pups and beautiful yarn!

Maybe Elliebee was just trying to show you that she would look wonderful in an apricot sweater.


Oh my goodness! That top one is the most adorable photo of Elliebee! Have you considered turning it into greeting cards?

Your yarn colors look great! I can see how the dyeing for fun would so enjoyable.


So very CUTE!!! Your puppy pictures are great! I love the puppy on yarn theme!


love to come on visit here !! cute puppy, beautiful colors, gorgeous yarns .... don't need more .

Miss Maddie's

The colours of the yarn are beautiful... like melons picked fresh from the summer garden, sweet ripened flesh tantalizing your palate.
Your little Elliebie is so adorable.


The cutest puppy ever! Love the colors too.

Lee Cockrum

She is just the cutest little thing!! I wish I could reach through the monitor and hug her!!


Beautiful colore yarn! How can a puppy be ANY cuter???? Look at that button nose!


That's OK Elliebee, you're not the only one that's fallen over yarn and can't get up!! I must say, you have wonderful taste in chosing those colors to fall over.


You are shameless - posting pics of heartbreakingly cute puppies on top of stunning yarn. Shameless I tell you!


She is so cute, especially on top of the beautiful yarn. She reminds me of the welshie puppies my favorite dog had at one time. (welsh springer spaniel)

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