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Thursday, February 18, 2010



The sock looks beautiful!
When I learned to cable, I did it without a cable needle. Years later, at the suggestion of a well-meaning knitter, I tried using one. What a PITA!


That pattern is lovely! As is the yarn you're making it with. And OH-M-G, I've seen the cable w/out cable needles explained before but THIS video is FABULOUS, I especially like her "aahhhh, here's the scary part". Miss Ellie looks so cuddly herself! I've picked up the maplewing again! It wasn't left in a scary place! Probably won't be done for SPA, but should be done pretty soon... just moving on to the C section today.


That sleeping puppy picture is the best! She is so cute.


Dropped to the ground? Oh, come on. Just a bow at the waist and kissing my knitting needles will do.......

Those photos are making even me want a puppy!


The sock is lovely. Cabling without a needle is the only way to go.

I am really loving the puppy pictures. I'd better be careful not to let my girls see them or they'll be begging for a dog all over again.


Miss Ellie is one lucky puppy. The sock pattern looks beautiful.


That's a beautiful sock. And cabling without a cable needle is the way to go with that sort of project. Glad you are enjoying it!


Terry knows everything there is to know about how to do whatever there is to do with something crafty. She is a goddess. Love the sock and I, like you, can't wait to sit in the warmth of the spring sun. Miss Ellie's features are filling in and you can see she's a sweet pup.


OMG that has to be the cutest puppy pic ever...and that sock is pretty nice too. Actually it does remind me of the wrought iron fences in New Orleans. I check out the video later...thanks for sharing it. *hugs* :)

Miss Maddie's

The sock pattern is lovely and the choice of yarn colour enhances the stitching...
Miss Ellie is sooooo sweet.


I think Miss Ellie wants to live in NC!!! She is so cute and thank you so much for the update pictures.

I do love that new sock pattern, it really is pretty and I will check out that video, I have never had success with the no cable needle thing...but I am game to give it another go...I will confess that I have actually used paper clips when doing cables on socks in the past...

Gramma Phyl

Don't know which I like more the sock pattern or the puppy. But at the moment, having been petless since August I think the puppy is winning.


That puppy is the most delicious thing I've ever seen...she makes me weak in the knees! And, oh, alright, I'll check the video!

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