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Thursday, January 07, 2010



don't throw them out! darn them, cut off the foot a la EZ and reknit a foot for the cuff, or simply cut off the foot and use as armwarmers, as is.

I have read that knitting in a strand of mohair in your potential hole hotspots works pretty good like nylon too!


I need new socks, too! It seems like every pair I knit, I give away. Does someone want to start a Ravelry group so we can play in one place?


Oh no! Don't throw them away, darn them! Hand-knit socks deserve a second (third,fourth...)chance.


I just lost 3 pairs since Christmas (before that, I had only lost 2 pairs in 6 years!) This is the 1st time since 2005 that I haven't had a pair of socks on my needles - I better join along with your and start replenishing, just in case this is the beginning of the end for my older socks!


I feel your pain. I lost my 2 favorite pairs of socks within days of one another- and I hadn't worn them a year yet. Both in the middle of the heel turn and also not a lick of nylon. One of them was from handspun too. Still can't bring myself to toss them. I too will be joining you to knit replacements and more of them to keep a healthy number in the rotation. I'll be using your sock yarn. :-)


I recently made a pair from 100% merino. and they developed a hole on the third wearing! After losing many a pair to hell blow out, I have resolved to knit socks from yarn with some nylon content.


Kim- The heartbreak of socks- but all the more reason to do new ones. There is nothing as nice as hand-knit socks.


I am so there. Year of the sock!


I had 3 pair blow out heels this past fall; it made me very, very sad. I have so much sock yarn in my stash that there really is no reason for me not to declare 2010 the Year of the Sock - I'm in.


If you really don't want to fix your socks, how about unraveling them and sending them off to someone at Random Acts of Kindness and finding someone who is making a sock blanket from left over sock yarn? Better yet you should start a blanket from your scraps and donate it to an animal shelter or a charity of some sort.


No need to be sad, just fix them with an afterthought heel - see instructions
http://www.socknitters.com/lessons/afterthoughtheels.htm, they'll be good as new. Now this should not prevent you from making new ones.

Pat Dixon (Debra's Mom)

Never throw away socks with holes.., there is a spot on 'ytube' that will guide you through the repairs..step by step.. Try using yarns with a reinforcing yarn in the spots that wear first..heel.toes..my husband is still wearing socks I made 15 yrs ago...Love those hand knit socks..my friends all enjoy the treat..


That's so sad. I've only had one hole appear in a handknit sock so far and thankfully it wasn't a big one - easily fixable. I am planning to make about 18-20 pairs this year because my girls, my husband and I are all wearing handknit socks regularly so it's inevitable that we'll have some wear out and I'll need to keep replacements in the pipeline.


My dear friend Elizabeth and I had already agreed to making a pair of socks each month this year. You can watch our progress on http://pe-twoleftfeet.blogspot.com/, it should be fun to watch you create socks as we do too.

A side note, you can re-knit heels...I've got a pair the dog took a disliking too and I'm going to re-knit the toe and heel that she chewed up. They are older socks and have been worn lots but I love them and want to save them. I haven't actually repaired damage this major before and expect I will learn a bit.


Ouch! I have a pair in my knitting basket that needs one of the toes reknit. :( I'm not a big sock knitter but I would like to knit some more socks this year. They're so great to wear!


my goal is 6 pair of socks this year. I think I can do it... considering I have at least 4 skeins of your sock yarn in my house. :)


My schaefer lolas just blew out. Working with some Trekking to replace them. Just bought some Addi 8" circular needles and the sock knitting has picked up some serious speed.

Susie B

Darn, they look lovely. It must be the year of the socks--I have 2 pair on the needles and one to start in the next week. Oh, yeah, and a second pair to do for my DH. Then the grandgirl wants some too.


Dan just blew a hole in his favorite pair a couple of weeks ago. He wants me to darn them. I'd rather knit a new pair.


Two pair of my socks have also hit the dust in the past month. Neither had any nylon....I am reconsidering my preference for all wool. I may have to use my sock yarns without nylon for mitts!!!!


I salvage the leg of the sock (they never seem to wear out) and reknit the feet with something matching and with nylon (and/or silk!) in it for durability. No more all merino socks for me. It is too heartbreaking when they wear out prematurely.


My socks in the same yarn died an early death. Your yarn is one of the only yarns worth the time of knitting socks. I've been dreaming of knee socks today (it's so damn cold!) and I'll join you!


That sucks. I've had it happen to me, too.


I've been knitting socks for 3 years now and haven't worn a hole in one yet. I must not wear them enough though. That one looks like Peppermint Mocha - I'm knitting a pair with that right now!


I cannot tell you how painful it is to look at something like that.


So sad, it is always hard to part with a pair of well loved socks! I am doing socks this year as well...shooting to do a least a pair a month, let's see how long that lasts!


My Christian Artisans group is doing a Stash Sock KAL-we're making up 6 kits and knitting from them. It's pretty sad that I was able to make up the kits w/o blinking (and could have made more), but I'm looking forward to socks and a smaller stash!


I had this happen to my most favorite pair last winter. I didn't pitch them yet, since my sister is going to show me how to darn them via needle felting and wool fibers. We just have to find the time. Maybe I should just knit more socks.


Oh no! That's so sad!! I need some new socks too, but they take me SO long to knit. But worth it.

LOVE the bunny bag, BTW -- it got here today.


Darn baby darn

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