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Saturday, January 16, 2010


 Joyce Stewart

Goodness, just came by your blog tonight and was interested in the 'Ballymena' word....is there a Ballymena where you live? I live in Cookstown, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland and we have a town called Ballymena 1/2 hour away....if you are in New England I can understand that there could be a Ballymena as when we travelled around there by car we kept noticing the names of places over here. I imagine when our forefathers went to the U.S. they took these names along with them.
Best Wishes, Joyce


Gorgeous. Pnkie getsd my vote!!


Hi Kim...I love the name Laurel...for Mountin Laurel, the state flower of Pennsylvania and my mother's very favorite flower...If she were my dog and I named her this, I could almost see me "nicknaming" her Lulu...smile! She is a precious pup, and it will be such fun to watch her grow...ENJOY!!!


Love the mittens and hat! Do you have a name for the new baby yet or should I start thinking?


She looks like a Posey.


She reminds me of a precious little Tulip!! I always like a 1 or 2 syllable name for the ring (agility) that has a distinct sound. She is a doll baby!! Enjoy!!


HMM I Think that she should be pinkie tuscadaro>>she even seems to be a red head!!!

Julie Yarbrough

I love the name Coral, you could shorten it to Corrie, but there are a LOT of great names suggested. Candy is great too. Those mitten are beautiful and the hat pattern is so beautiful. I love the angora around the face, it is so feminine.


How about Sandy (I'm thinking the pink girls from Grease)!

Wool Winder

The puppy/mitten photo is just so adorable! I'd be tempted to call her Mitzy, but that has nothing to do with pink.


Kim- That reminds me of that cartoon "Pinky and The Brain" which I loved.

She'll reveal the right name- what a little darling.


The photo of the mittens and pup is just too sweet. Love all the suggestions above, but my fav is Rosebud.


She's so tiny! And so cute!! What about Rhodora? (mouthful, I know)... It's a heath shrub in these parts with bright pink flowers in late May. Or, staying in the botanical bog theme, Andromeda? Or Arethusa?


I like Magenta, then you could maybe call her "Maggie"??

How did I get "Caroline" out of Bramble Royal Fantasy? Well I thought of "Princess Caroline" so that's basically how she ended up with Caroline. We call her Carol, and my husband calls her "Roo" - not sure where that came from!!

Best wishes for you and your little girl pup. She is precious. I look at my older dogs and wish they could be little again!

Lee Cockrum

My thoughts were similar to Suzanne above... "pinks" is the common name for the Dianthus flower, so you could call her that, or Diane.

I like Linnea too, the name that Suzanne suggested!

By the way, the puppy is totally precious!


The yarn looks so soft and warm! Great choice for the set. The baby is so dear and looks so vulnerable.


When I think of pink I think of breast cancer awareness which makes me think of Hope


I like Cerise as a call name... though I'll admit the first thing i thought of was Fuschia. "Ammie" short for Amaranth. I also really like Linnaea... I'm partial to naming critters after scientists... or maybe Thistle?


Pinky is cute - but pink makes me think of Pepto Bismol, too (thought I was weird 'til I read an earlier post - thanks, Debbie!)

I'm recommending Peppy, especially if it matches her personality - kinda hard to see that from her picture. :) If you need more, non-medicinal reasoning, red+white peppermints make pink, and the very gourmet like to use pink peppercorns . . .

Disclaimer: Our dog's name is Pepper (a.k.a. The Pepster) and it is the perfect name for her!


The picture of the little miss on the hand is adorable...makes me want another puppy...almost! I will think on the "pink".



I like: Daisy for pink gerber daisies: independent and strong and central in a bouquet (she is an only child..)


love some of the names you've gotten already, but would suggest Maggie (for magenta) or Puce -- a real color, through you seldom hear it used anymore.


Blossom is nice. I like Petal, too.


It's said that dogs respond to two syllable names that end in a vowel sound. So Pinky would work. Or Cherry.


I love all the names mentioned! Coral, Cerise, Cherry, Princess, Blossom, and Rosebud are cute. I also like Ruby. :o)

Linda "K"

Pinkie, Candy (for candy stripers - pink and white stripes), Rosebud, Rosie, CC (for Cotton Candy), Peppermint or just Pepper, Pinkerbelle.

I loved the Cerise idea but I have to picture you calling each one of these names out loud and how easy they'd be to understand, or not.


Love the hat and mittens, but the new wee puppy takes the cake! I love the name Miss Bea (Beatrice) though it has nothing to do with pink, but it sounds like Bee. :-)


Glitz! Since she's a girly girl.


You're getting lots of cute names! I'm drawing a blank because I thought of your pinking machine when you said "pink." Now I can't think of anything else. :)

Love the photo with the pup! Your hat and mittens are great!


I was going to say Pinky, but also did a quick web search on pink names and these came up: Linnea (small pink mountain flower named after Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus), Petunia, Begonia, Coral, Fuchsia.

I think my favorite in the list is Linnea.

She is a cutie.


She's gorgeous - cavalier pups are so cute. "Blossom" was a term of endearment when I was little, or "bloss" for short. But my daughter suggested "Cherry" which I like even better.


Don't look at me....I had trouble naming my kids. Adorable pup and I like Blush!


I love the hat and mitts, but I must be honest...that puppy is stealing the scene in this post!!! :) :) :) She is waaaaaaay too cute for words!! I want one!! :)

pat j

HI KIM I always think of princesses, like in little girl movies when I think of pink--- makes me think of the colour that little girls like best to play dress up in --- so PRINCESS


i think Blush or Cerise would make pretty names to do with pink.

But i am also drawn to Tickle (as in tickled pink).

She is a total poppet- congratulations.

Sue J.

How about Pinky? Easy to remember.


Oh she's just adorable. How about the name Coral.


I love the yarn and Anne's pattern. Love the puppy. The first thing that popped into my mind with regards to the pink was Pepto Bismol. Sorry! I can't get it out of my mind, now! HA! Pepto, or Bismol! NO!

Anne Marie

When my kids were young and watched Blues Clues, there was an adorable puppy named Magenta.

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