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Friday, January 22, 2010


Sharon T

I bought a yogurt maker about 2 years ago and haven't looked back.
Adorable puppy!


aww, the puppy is so cute! she looks positively bushed in that picture, but warm!
i love the sock yarn colorway you're about to cast on with, mmm. i little bit like the catalina colorway i'm currently using!


The little pupster is adorable! Ellie Mae suits her! Love the color of the yarn -- and I really like the notebook (or whatever it is) underneath the yarn -- the floral print. :-)


Love that little hound! I agree, the evolution of animals name is always interesting to map out. My kids always want to know how Ruby became Roo Roo or Booby Ruby, Roo-ster or Ruby the Red Dog Reindeer (mostly around Christmas) or why when I go out to feed her I say I'm going to feed the chooks even though I'm going to feed her! Animal names are supposed to keep on changing I think!

Tammy Camillone

Ellie Mae is precious!


The wee one is adorable!

If you have a crockpot, you can make yogurt using that as well... A Year of Slow Cooking (http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/) has a how-to in her archives.

Michelle in California

i'm not a dog lover, but that little puppy is too cute! i like the 'ellie-phant' name, but i'm wierd. '->

you might want to consider this yogurt maker:


i haven't used it yet, but i'll be getting is soon. Norma got me hooked on fage greek yogurt with maple syrup. bad thing is that the nearest store to get the yogurt is a 45 minute drive away! now i have to make my own to feed my habit! ;D


Kim- Pat and I have had many yogurt conversations.

Can you tell me what you're doing- your weight loss ticker keeps going down- any tips?

Wool Winder

Ellie Mae is a good name and I like the way you came up with it. Love the yarn you're using for your first pair of socks for 2010.


Ellie Mae is the sweetest! Sand is just lovely and reminds me that warmer days are on the way. *hugs*


It is so hard to keep yogurt the right temp. My house is cold too. I've taken to warming up my oven just a little bit, then turn it off. I wrap my pot of yogurt in at least 2 bath towels and sometimes a fleece jacket or blanket and stuff it into the oven (TURNED OFF!!) Seems to help.
Happy you had success.

Cute cute cute!


I love that you are getting into socks. What ever happened to the pairs with the holes. Did you darn them? I have a pair right now that I need to take care of and have been putting it off. The puppy Ellie Mae looks so small and has such a cute pink nose. Our Lucy is a Lucy Mae. Popular middle name. I love yogurt but buy the Greek stuff at Trader Joes. It's great with blueberries and honey. A friend turned me on to it and now I have to eat it everyday or as often as I can!


I love the name Ellie Mae. That was our last Brittany's name and I think it is my favorite. We picked that name from Miss Ellie on Dallas. Sometimes we would call her Ellie Mae and sometimes Miss Ellie. We now have a French Brittany and her name is Madie. She is a cutie. Little pups are so special so enjoy her.

pat j

HEY KIM - little ELLIE MAY is just too cute!!!

- really funny that you have this post about yogurt, as I was just thinking about buying a yogurt machine - read JUDY's post and went out and bought the ingredients today - may try it tomorrow - her granola looks good too

- planning to try and eat more healthy -----will see ----best ---pat


Might have to jump on the yogurt bandwagon. enjoyed the picture of his favorite of your dog's puppy. Wow. That was atrocious grammar. lol.


Tell Carole we want to fund our IRA's instead of buying yogurt. Hee.

Glad you had enough success to keep it up. I'm thrilled with my new cultures -- very much like Fage Greek yogurt, which is what I was after. Yum!


The yarn is yummy! And thanks for the new pictures of Ellie Mae, I am so looking forward to seeing her as she grows.

I am impressed, yogurt making, too bad I didn't know as I have one of those yogurt makers that I would have been willing to send up to you!


That dog just makes me go *awwwwwwwww* every single time.

So tell me if the yoghurt maker helps. I'm tempted, because I eat a LOT of Greek yoghurt in little containers.


Love the name you chose! She is so sweet. Looking at the beautiful yarn makes me yearn to visit the beach. Wonder if the warm weather will hold a bit longer here in Ct.


I love that color. I think I bought some of it back at Rhinebeck. Ellie Mae is a perfect name and she IS growing! As for the yogurt, you guys know you can BUY it at the store, right? LOL


Ellie Mae is adorable and that bunny teapot in the background caught my eye. Cute!


The yarn is beautiful! I love the subtle color changes.

I have a yogurt maker that works pretty well. I need to use it more often!

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