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Thursday, October 15, 2009



Ha Ha! Love you TOO Kim!!! You'da licked that plate too girl, it was soooo awesome!!!!


Once you get yourself up and running electronically, please wave and let us know. I have a pent-up need for some major amount of your yarns.


Or, if all the skeins don't fit into a box for Donna, I will be happy to take any overflow you have. The colors are gorgeous! The sunflower reminds me of Kansas. I miss home! :-(


Those snoozing bees are lovely! You've reminded me. My sunflowers are sitting in their little small pots waiting to be planted out! It's the weekend so what could be a better time? Have a happy autumn weekend! I'm off for a spring time bonanza.


Look at all those gorgeous new yarns. I love the change of seasons. :)

Lisa M

Oh, be still my heart! Those are just the colors I would like for...for...for everything! Love the sunflower picture, stunning!


Kim- I almost passed out at the sight of all that yarn.

Will you play Santa again this year?


The bees knew they were safe in your garden. I've missed you. Love all the new colors of your yarn!


Glad to hear things are well, albeit computer-quiet with you. :)

We've already had snow here as well, and while the temps have rebounded back into the upper 60s again, I am NOT ready for winter in October.


Thanks, Ken, for letting Kim use your computer to post! See you soon, dear friend!


Love the sight of all of those skeins. They look good enough to eat!

It's fun to breathe warm air on the sluggish and cold bees- they start to move and squirm around. Sometimes enough to fly off.

pat j

HI KIM --- oh I do so love the sunflower , its shape and colour , and the bee story that goes with it

- its been hard having you away too ---I stop by your blog every day and say HELLO KIM , to myself and tried to be patient till you were back

- I love that you share this part of yourself with us and of cource the fiber and dye colours and the stories too

- I always feel that I have come home when I read your blog , like a sense of peace

-yea I know I can go on , but its true

- love all the yarn colour , and will be waiting with baited breath to see them - total pain about your computer --- that is so the beast they are though

best and best ---pat j


Great to hear from you again!
Love those yarns...


Oh my gosh!! Just dump all those skeins in a box and send them to me!!

Glad to have you back. I'm looking forward to seeing what's new for the season!

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