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Thursday, September 17, 2009



What a great way to celebrate! I love how peaceful the ocean is.


Kim- What could be better? Whales are amazing.

I have to ask, why seagulls?

Wool Winder

What a fantastic present!


The pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I didn't realize you could see that species of whale there. I may have to take a drive, there, myself. I would love to take a photography class, as well. I trust you learned some great techniques to share!


very cool!


MOM! Those pictures are rediculous! I really thought you were going to tell me you saw Jaws. But the fish was incredible! I am glad you enjoyed your birthday (: So cool


WHat a very very cool day! I don't even know what an ocean based sunfish is.

Linda M

Wow, your post reminded me of some of my wonderful times visiting my sister in Sagamore Beach. On a good year I can talk everyone into going on a whale watch! So glad you had a good time.

Jody Mellenthin

Oh Kim, I am so glad that you had such a good time! It's not the same if the whales don't show up for the party!! I am happy for you and appreciate the beautiful pics. Reminds me of the two watches I was privileged to go on - thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


This is a beautiful post! I have a feeling I will come back to it over the long, cold winter.


Beautiful pictures; thanks for sharing them with us!

I have been on a couple whale watches and they were wonderful!

Rosemary McN

Wonderful post! Now if you'd publish the shows you'll be at, I can enrich my stash also. But either way, a very Happy Birthday to you Kim!


that is amazing.
all of it - the day, the great photos and the cool sighting of such unusual fish.
Happy Birthday once again - it's a fabulous idea for an annual present.


What a wonderful birthday present! We used to go on biologist led whale watches out of Provincetown when my kids were younger- it was one of our favorite Cape Cod activities each summer. There's nothing quite like seeing them up close and personal. Lucky you to have seen the sunfish! Your photos are awesome.


oh, what a beautiful weekend; thank you for the great photos and happy birthday!


That is fantastic!! What a day and amazing pictures!


How wonderful and exciting!!!!!


Totally fabulous pictures, Kim. Thanks so much for sharing them!


FANTASTIC pics. I hadn't even heard of a sunfish before, and now I've seen a really cool picture of one.

Thanks, Kim - looks like a really perfect birthday day!


Wonderful present! Love your pictures.


Dale was just asking me yesterday if I had talked to you because he wanted to know if you saw whales. Now I can tell him to come read your post! Looks like a great day and I love seeing pictures of Plymouth on your blog! I know exactly where you took them and I think that's so cool.

Cheryl S.

Awesome! I've seen whales a few times, but never a sunfish. What an exciting day!

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