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Monday, September 21, 2009



looks great!!!


Don't you just love the disappearing nine patch? And I love these little packages of blocks too. They didn't have them when I was quilting twenty years ago! You get so many lovely fabrics for a relatively small investment - or at least that's what I tell myself right before I end up paying for a bag full :-)

It's funny, when I pin my seams don't match. I actually do it by feel, sort of smooshing the seams against each other and the ridge of the seam allowances just fall together.


This is going to be so beautiful! I always have to slide the pieces together and pin in order to make my points match up.


Kim- I find that if I take my time, I get a much better result- quilting isn't for the impatient.

Are you dreaming of new fall yarn colors? I am!


Very pretty!!


I just love it when the little points come together!
you are totally making me want to go and dig out my quilt pieces and get back to that.... hmmm... might it be a revival?


You are helping me understand how hard quilting is. I'm cured.

So pretty, the way you've done it.


nice sharp corners!! good for you. next, triangles!
you can really tell when you chop off the point of a triangle.


Very nice! I am still planning to learn to sew someday. (On a machine, that is. I think making a machine go smoothly, not too fast, not too slow, is probably one of those muscle-memory things.)


Lots of pins makes it much easier. If you get the ones with the plastic heads shaped like flowers you can even sew right over them and then pull them out afterwards.
The fabrics are beautiful together.


Those points are a beast, aren't they? When I first started, back in the 70's, it was all done by hand, with nice little pencil lines to follow, so not as speedy, but a lot more accurate! Yours are great! Do you use en even-feed ("walking") foot? So, that's the piecing...how are you going to QUILT it? Love the Moda Bake Shop, by the way, but didn't realize you could order from them. Must. go. look.


I love the color mix of your squares.


Yay! And yes, your corners/points look a whole lot better. Very crisp - great job!!


You're a fabulous machine quilter. I'm an engergetic, excitable, not terribly accurate quilter! I love the colours!


amazing ... and extremely inspirational, as usual!


Love the tutorial on the link- now I see how you got the disappearing 9 patch. Very cool! Can't wait to see yours all done. :-)


Gorgeous! I've wanted to quilt for ages, and just haven't had the time yet. Yours makes me want to try...


I pin, pin and always pin... yep, much better. Love the fabrics your using ~ can't wait to see all the blocks pieced together!


OH! I so feel your point pain. Makes me wonder why I love quilting so much, because I am not sure I find it relaxing sometimes. But you have been witness to that, haven't you? I love your project and can't wait to see it in the Christmasy fabric. I almost got some harvesty fabric to make the same table topper, but am making another one instead. Wait until you see the fabrics, they are so not like me and so autumnal. They are really more you. ;)

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