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Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Lovely knitting - I can't wait to see it finished! ;o)

Catherine Conrad

Shopping bag? Pretty.


I'm guessing its a bag to go with the 'bee blob'. *chuckling* Since some of us know what Anne's bee blob is and what it was intended for ;)

Thank you for the link to the Moda Bake shop...all my laundry time...sucked up in no time flat! *grin* :)


Delurking to guess that you will be making a tote bag.


I'm guessing a nice little box bag sewn to match some fabulous sock yarn.


I know you love tote bags, but the binders are cute, and you do have a little granddaughter, who's probably getting ready for school. . .but looking at your fabric choice, I'm going with the TOTE BAG.

It will be lovely, whatever you make!


I've been lost in the Moda Bake Shop - You should have warned me that I should pack a lunch...
Thanks for the link!
Everyone has already guessed what I would have guessed, so I'll just wait with anticipation!


I'll take a wild guess and say BINDER COVERS. Or a wild quilt.

Anne Marie

My first thought was a tote bag. You will need to quilt some bees for all those lovely big flowers.

knitspot anne

omg, i just love your bee blob! maybe the new project is a project bag? (i have one in that fabric, so i'm not being very creative about my guess!)
hmm, or maybe a baby bag (not for the baby itself but to carry baby things?) i think i mean a diaper bag, hehe.


I'm guessing a knitting bag. Love the beautiful yarn


Kim- I'm thinking tote bag- reversible because both fabrics are lovely.

Kashmir- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


Another Bee Blob?


I don't know what it's going to be but I bet I will like whatever you make with it! Very nice fabric...*jealous*


I'm guessing a binder cover or a project bag. Can't make up my mind LOL!!!!

Sue Patterson

I'm guessing that it is going to be a knitting bag. For all your knitting projects. Which I can't wait for the Anne Hanson's new knitting project. Which she said that you will be caring a kit. It's a bag to put Anne's new project in.


A tote bag, must be, and seeing the bees in your shawl! There just isn't enough minutes, hours, days, years, to see all the cool stuff being created out there!


I'll guess a cute little knitting notions/project bag.

Kashmir....mmmmm..... takes me back to Zeppelin. Which is nothing but good.

Jody Mellenthin

Hi Kim,
I am thinking along the lines of a circular needle bag - GREAT fabric for such an item!!!! Your yarn makes me delirious.


Oh man. I was guessing apron only because I have one cut out ready to sew.....

Lee Cockrum

I will jump on the apron band wagon! Hope that you enjoy returning to your sewing endeavors!


What a great site the Bakeshop is! Your fabric is lovely and looks like it would be lovely made up as the Charmed Gift Bag from the site. Just my thought, anyway.


Guessing it's a Wee Bunny flower garden bag.


I'm guessing that you'll combine your love of sewing and knitting by making a tote bag to carry you knitting in. Love the fabric, it works so well together and I can't wait to see what you do make.


I think it will be a new knitting bag for socks! Love the fabric...can't wait to try the new yarn!


I'll guess an apron. It has a fun retro look to it and would make a really cute apron!



so pretty. Fabric like that makes me want to be a seamstress... but I'm too hooked on the spin/knit kick for now.

And I love your bees!


I can't even begin to guess, Kim! But I have to tell you I LOVE that Amy Butler combination! Okay, I guess an apron.


I don't think I am the first to guess this, but I am going to guess a nifty sock knitting bag. That fabric is CUTE.

Sharon T

My first thought was a tea-cozy. But tote seems more likely.

Trish B.

Umm...a knapsack-type tote bag? Nothing really original to add, lol. Loved that modabakeshop link-I so did not need it though-I have a wall of quilting fabrics, along with the wall of yarn and wall of fleece!


Isn't it going to be a quilt?

Amy M.

These fabrics would make a fabulous apron. That's my guess. But a tote bag would be super-cute, as well!


I tentatively thought tote, but then - NO that's the perfect apron fabric!
(oh well, not the first with that idea, but I still think it's neat for that purpose!)
Can't wait to see what you'll do...and yes, tho' quilting blogs are amazing - will you link to some in your sidebar?

Rosemary McN

Curtains for the workshop? Wait, didn't see any bees in them. Stilllll. When will the new kit come out? It looks beautiful in your hands!

Word Lily

I think those fabrics combined would make a great apron, so that's my guess. Besides, you mentioned it adjacent to talk of a bakeshop ...


Just to be different, I'm going to say a table runner. The new Kashmir is beautiful! Love the Bee Blob - I've been anxiously awaiting the since Ann first announced it.


The bake shop looks like fun. As for the fabric my first guess would be a skirt, second guess a handbag/knitbag. Of course my guesses are what have been on my mind to sew. But first the pile of mending - all my kids favorite clothes.


Thanks for the link.....that's going right on my bloglines! I love Moda fabrics, but this is a great idea. Not a clue what you are making....an apron? That bee design is adorable!


I have seen both fabrics before somewhere....... just can't place it. Arg!

Can't wait to see the Bee Blob finished!


My guess is a tote bag too. They're so handy for hobbies, storing yarn and shopping/market day.

The new yarn looks wonderful!

Miss T

A cute box bag with a great lining.


I am thinking a scarf. Thanks for the moda bakeshop site. There is never enough time in a day to craft. Hopefully thins winter I can get back to sewing and quilting.


I'm guessing a bag... b/c it's too cute to not carry around!

wait... are you making bags for sale? Oh, goodness,.... that'll mean more money I'm sending to NH ;)


I see and love the little bee in the fabric of your lace. LOVE the fabric! I hope it's going to be one of the cute bags your making for your shop. Kathy had one with her and it was SO cute!


Neat fabric and what a cool site. I wish I could do things like that!! I think it will be a purse. And the new yarn looks yummy.


I'm guessing a tote bag. Love your Bee Blob - can't wait for the kit!

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