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Friday, July 24, 2009



If you cut perfectly and have perfect 1/4" seams, it all comes out just right - or you can fudge it as you go along and "make it fit"!!
Beautiful fabric in that jelly roll!


I love quilting! I'm feeling like I should get back to it. I can't wait to see your jelly roll quilt. The sampler is great!


i think at the basis of any artisanal endeavor there is the goal of making something better every time you do it.

i think it's great when learning to do something new, to keep moving forward through mistakes; momentum and finishing are necessary to gain confidence; that is the achievement in the beginning.

but once your eyes are opened to a very finely-turned piece of craftsmanship , and you are astute enough to appreciate it, you can't go back and see it done sloppily with the same satisfaction.

it's a curse and a good thing!


Sounds like we have had a few similar paths. My quilting class was hand quilting and a long time ago too. And now I am trying to make sense of machine quilting...not so easy!! Maybe one day we will get it?!?!


When it comes to sewing (and I would truly love to make a quilt), I have neither a left brain, nor a right brain! I know you'll get it pulled together!

Trish B.

Kim-I had the same results. When I did everything by hand it was so easy to make points match perfectly. When I tried machine piecing the results were not as precise. Love your colors!

Mary Ellen

Hi Kim,
Ilove the colors in the pieces i see.
Im sure it will be lovely.
It is fine now,but i know how that is
When you keep looking at something and you want to redo it.


Kim- My, you have been busy.

Pat and I have been quilting for about 17 years, and I am very much a perfectionist, but not a great sew-er. With practice on your machine, you'll get it.


Doesn't look bad to me. Some of the points look about 1/4 inch away from your seam allowance on my monitor. Lovely fabric. :)


I would love to learn to sew -- I enjoyed reading this post. I think I'd be ripping too!


Beautiful quilting! It's a fascinating hobby but one that has never held any enchantment for me. It seems you need to be persnickety and I'm strong in that trait.


I think it's trickier to get good points when machine quilting. It takes practice but I know you can do it!


That quilt! Amazing. You'll get back into the hang of it. Sewing machines and me... well. I'll take color genetics any day.


That quilt is stunning!

I am so the pattern writer!

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