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Thursday, July 09, 2009



Your garden looks delightful! That salad sounds delish. Wing of the Moth is beautiful in that colorway! :)


My lettuce got an inch high and stopped growing. I think it's sulking because there's no sun.


Your photo's look so lovely. We're in the middle of winter and I have to say that it seems to be a mild one. Not what we're used to at all. Now I've probably jinxed myself! Your summery shots are a breath of fresh air.

pat jarvis

HI KIM -no you are not the last one to make 'wings of the moth' I haven't made it yet !!!

- love your salad , its my fav kind , but I use feta cheese and pumpkin ,sunflower, seeds and almonds as well as raisins - love that balsamic too

- weather here outside TORONTO has been like yours - cherish the blue and sun

best ----pat j


Nope - you're not the last for Wing O the Moth, that would probably be me (since I haven't even cast on for one yet - hee hee)
Although I DID cast on last night for that very special one I am beginning with your yarn (love love love your lace merino!)

Your spinning is fabulous on the last shawl - can't wait to see it.


Kim- No, I'll be the last to knit moth.

I love the Buttercrunch- the good thing about all the rain and cold is that when we do get a nice day, we totally appreciate it.

PS- Jewel and I want to know when that "Hot Toddy" color will be available.


Be thankful for what you get....it's GREAT weather for the very late lettuce I put in, as well as the broccoli and a few other things. You can extend the lettuce, by the way, with some shade cover. I've successfully pulled lettuce kicking and screaming into late (normal) July with some shade. Your pictures are great....I can almost taste those strawberries!


What a lovely post! And then to see the kind comments at the end. Thank you! I love how your Fruit of the Vine scarf is looking! Angora/corrie is what's on my spinning wheel at the moment. Hopefully, a sweater's worth! Imagine what winter's going to be like if this summer is any preview.


The salad looks refreshing and scrumptious. Sending good vibes for heat your way. Summers half over and it feels like it just arrived.


I sure wish the temps would reach normal summer temps around here!


I too, have Moth on the list.

I agree on the summer. Parts of the garden have loved it, parts have hated it. I've had container plants ROT, because they normallly love it drier. But I can't argue with Mama Nature. Everything is so green!

Handspun Moth...mmmmmmm.


No, you aren't the only one who hasn't knit Wing of the Moth, it's been in my queue forever! Love the color you're using.


We're still waiting for summer to kick in here too...
Wings of the Moth pattern looks gorgeous!

Cheryl S.

Your salad greens look great! Mine are pretty much gone - I put some shade over them, which has helped a little, but they're definitely getting past their prime.

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