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Tuesday, June 09, 2009



You've got rabbits! A compost pile should be easy-peasy, and VERY productive!!!!!!

Mary Beth

What a great team you make....behind every woman is a guy ready and able to implement her vision - LOL! I am inspired by all the creating going on at TWR!


The beds are so beautiful! The shawl is reall prtty. Thanks for sharing the link.


Ohhh, Kim, the new yarn sounds divine, and I'm panting over the Seaglass colorway I saw on Ravelry. The Beachglass shawl in this will be scrumptious! I'll be looking for the yarn in your shop.

Glad you're both better and that you have your great looking garden well under way.

Donna in Ma

Nice beds! And is that a 'BEE' stepping stone?!? Bee-u-tiful!


I wish I had that gardening gene in me. It looks like it would be so fulfilling!


lovely gardens - and I feel your pain.

Most importantly though, WHERE did you get that bee stone?!?!


The new yarn sounds wonderful, can't wait to try it! And it is too funny, I was looking at raised beds today!! Found someone who builds them, although I suppose I could do it myself if I put my head to it!!

Glad you are feeling better and I hope that Ken feels better soon!


I adore SFG. I have been doing it on and off for almost 10 years (have moved a few times). I consistently get the best yield and lowest maintenance. Yay low maintenance!!

Raised beds are so much easier on the knees.

The shawl is lovely!


We started our square foot garden about 5 years ago and love it. When my husband began building the beds our neighbors past by and asked if we were building cemetary plots. We are retired and so are they and we all had a good laugh about it. You never have to till the garden and there are very few weeds. In between the beds we put pine needles and when the sun is out the smell is great. Also you never walk on the soil. The only drawback is they tend to dry out faster. I know you will just loved raised gardening. Good Luck.


Kim- My knees can't take it either, so raised beds are the way to go. Nice to have help, isn't it?

I really don't know how you do it all.


Way to go Kenny! Hope he's feeling better. Can't wait to get my SFG garden going in TX!
Jean - surrounded by boxes and packing paper....

Cheryl S.

Wonderful garden beds!


Your garden looks wonderful! My hubbo is pretty good about carrying out some of my projects, too! When he and #2 son built my beds many years ago, they put a "seat" on each side of each bed...very handy! Look up the black polypropylen on a roll at Gardener's Supply (item #34-312, Pro Weed Mat) for the paths between the beds...amazing stuff. GS's tomato towers and pepper supports are pretty wonderful, too!
Hope Ken feels better soon!

Miss T

Wow, beautiful garden beds! He did a wonderful job.


That's a LOT of work. Hope Mr. Woolen Rabbit feels better soon.

The new yarn is intriguing. Must be great drape.


Wow! You guys have been busy! GO Mr. WR!! Definitely a keeper.

Urgh. More pretty yarn from your store. And laceweight? Sigh. I'll be stalking it.


Pretty lettuce and nice raised beds. I'm envious....I'm still down on my hands and knees - I try to raise my beds without using wooden sides - just mound up the dirt and that helps a little.
Beach Glass is a beautiful shawl - looking forward to seeing yours!


You are going to have a very bountiful garden!


Hooray for SFG. You should join the Ravelry group there. Your raised beds look great. I love how tall your fence is to keep out the Moose. Does that really work? We don't have them here so it's funny to see that. You'll have to keep us posted on the Moose battle and how your garden is doing.


I purchased Beach Glass when Susan first started selling this beautiful pattern. I have been looking for just thr right yarn...can't wait to see how your shawl comes out (& look forward to a skein)!

I now have garden & shawl envy :)


Wow - that was quite a tutorial on SFG beds. I really appreciate them as I've always been curious how they really work. That's quite a guy you've got. Can hardly wait to see your garden grow.

BTW - the "moose fence" really put it into perspective. I only have to worry about deer. I guess it really is all relative.

Happy gardening!


sorry to hear hubby caught the bug, but glad he's on the mend.
your beds look amazing!!! wow... and I see that you have your deer proofing all in places (the fence!)
black flies= one part of new england that I do not miss.... ugh.

pat j

HI KIM - great that KEN is such a helpful guy - you are so , so, lucky to have him !!

- hope he feels better from this bug - someone like him makes marraige a good thing , eh , working together

- you will feel sore after all that garden work , but what satisfaction , not to mention the produce as a reward

- the yarn sounds yummy-----best pat


Oh my goodness what a productive and wonderful Mr Bunny you have! I covet that garden! Oh and your fine warm weather!


Your raised beds look fantastic. Poor Ken! And I love the sound of that new yarn.


The new yarn sounds lovely - can't wait to get my hands on a skein!

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