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Tuesday, June 23, 2009



I need to edit my entry because I just realized I put in my total loss but I started in February. My total loss since the beginning of this contest is 5 pounds and 7 inches. Sorry about that - I really didn't mean to cheat :-)

Trish B.

No loss, no gain-and I'm just happy with maintenance, as I wasn't very disciplined with my eating habits. Increase in upper body strength and some firming up-have been in physical therapy for repetitive stress injuries.


Well, I can't say I really sprung into summer! I only had 5 lbs to lose but weight's been going up and down. I'm about where I was, but I've been doing long walks and weights and cleaning up my diet a lot (pretty much vegan now).


I've lost about 7# -- and gotten more consistent w/ my running. I wanted to be under 180 by this time, but 'twas not to be.


0%. Yep,I lost no weight and no inches, but I didn't gain, either. But. (yeah, big butt - heh) I have muscle! And stamina. That's improvement. I'm pleased.


I didn't reach my goal, but at least I lost some. I lost 7% of my weight and I lost 17 inches which I think is about 13% (if I did the math right). Just goes to show that just because the scale doesn't show much progress, doesn't mean there isn't any!


I didn't lose anything either! I started running again - doing 5-6 miles per week and training for the Boston Half Marathon. I'm also using the Wii sports. I do feel better though and appreciate the push from here.

pat jarvis

HEY KIM - well my weight keeps going up and down - so far it looks like 6% of my weight has gone and 5% of the inches [ mostly in my waist], it being the place that really needs to go the most - now trying to loosing more , and keeping it off thats the real mission

pat j


I lost about 4% in the weight and 5% in the inches

Sharon T

I'm hoping for the random winner. I didn't do that great either. I had a 6% weight loss so I'm close to my goal weight. And about 3" loss, so about 2% loss.

Wool Winder

Oh, it feels like summer--the dog days of summer. Temps near 100. Everything is burning up.


I'm up 40 pounds. So that's about a 32% weight gain. No category for that??

Cheryl S.

Eeep! I didn't do all that well, but at least I went down and not up. Only a .72% inches loss, and a 2% weight loss.

I think I need a bigger incentive. Like a free trip to the Bahamas.


Kim- I have only been keeping track of the weight loss- which is 7lbs. Admittedly, I could have been more vigilant, but it wasn't a hardship, and I will keep going.


The weather forecast makes it sound like summer is finally about to arrive. Hooray!


I've been a total washout on this. Maybe I'll do better in July with a trip to the beach looming in August! (No WAY are you getting any measurements from me!)


i didn't lose any weight or inches, but i'm riding my bike at least 3 days per week most weeks (as opposed to zero days, every week, heh) and always trying for more.


Yikes is right! xoxo


I lost 5 % of my weight (and a dress size)... that is if I did the math correctly. Who knows. Thankfully I Wii and the weights were there. I took measurements and can't find the magic notebook I put them in.

Happy Summer!

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