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Monday, May 11, 2009



so glad that you treated yourself to some spinning fiber. I often denied myself, because I was a hand dyer too, but it is so fun to spin what others have dyed.....
LOVELY purchases.
and I'm glad that you had a relaxing trip, enjoying dear ones.


lol. You took more pictures than I did. WE ARE TAKING A PICTURE TOGETHER OVER MEMORIAL DAY!!! LOL. It was a blast. We stopped at Sturbridge on the way home. Fun!


I spent the whole festival trying to resist fiber purchases. I have several fleeces on hand, and 4 alpaca fleeces on the way, so I had to just keep reining myself in.
You found some beauties. I think I had to physically cover my eyes in those booths...
(I did end up with several ounces of a purple/red/blue/goldish-green merino roving, though. I swear it tackled my as I walked by. My MIL will back me up on this...


Sounds like a great time!


Kim- I don't spin, but it's awfully tempting.

I think Alpacas are sweet, and I want some too.

Border collies are amazing- but they need to run, and are very high energy.


Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love watching those dogs work. At Wisconsin Sheep & Wool you can bring your dog and learn about how to do it! Too bad I only have cats...


I was really baaad myself! Came home with an alpaca fleece, a jacob fleece, a pound of blue/gold roving, some wool/silk blend, a basket half price at Abi's Web, and some little stuff. I loved that purple roving you got - I was thinking about it but had to stop at that point! That black blend is going to make a real pretty sweater.


I loved what the dogs were doing, but they seemed (or at least one of them seemed) either indecisive or inefficient...spending lots of calories running back and forth while deciding what to do next. Very very funny!

Your fiber haul is beautiful. We hit some of the same spots...I got that brown/black from Pogo too. And I got Pygora B (her last ounce) from Tucker Woods. Plus some yummy from WoolyBuns.


Obviously you had a great time! What beautiful fiber purchases you made too!


We watched a border collie demo with a very young dog..fascinating! Terry loves to watch the trials, too. Sorry I never got to meet your husband...maybe next year! (Where did you guys eat? We had a nice meal Friday at The Common Man, but the Beefside was only so-so on Saturday.) You got some good stuff...I got the exact same fiber from Chris, but missed your other gems! (I did get some yummy stuff from Dan Melamed at Buckwheat Bridge and am kicking myself for passing on that fleece. Oh, well.)


LOve the sweater and the purled diamonds. And the purple Pogo fiber. But best of all getting to see you and the sisters of the hive. Wish we had more time on Saturday. Next time.


wow, you are totally rockin' that sweater!
and the wool show; you deserve a few indulgences!


You bought some great things! We really enjoyed our time with you and Ken.


So jealous of your fiber festivals! I don't think we have many such things up here in Manitoba.
Sadly I never did measure myself for Fitness Friday...but I have been following your blog regularly and am keeping up with my own exercising.
Your knitting is an inspiration to me...someday soon I hope to knit half as well...and maybe someday spin!


I'm picturing Cavaliers in the sheep field - hahahaha! Cute they is!

And I have to say: it's quite flattering that you - producer of such yummy fibers - choose to include mine in your spin, too. I appreciate it much! Glad you had such a good weekend.


The fiber is to live for! You'll show what your spinning as you go along, right? I'm more envious of your spending time with friends than any of the fiber you found. ;-)

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