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Friday, April 24, 2009


Christy in OH

I just wanted to tell you that the yarn you spun was truly a joy to look at! Its absolutely lovely. I can't remember how I found your blog in my wanderings but I love the homespun look and feel.


oh wow, your maplewing is gorgeous; can't wait to see it blocked!
and your spinning is beautiful, too!

hope you had a wonderful, romantic weekend in NY; happy anniversary again!

pat j

HEY KIM -good for you - what a treat to get away - enjoy your time together - am struggling with pound off,--- then on - hope if warm weather holds that my weight will stay down - easier not to eat carbs in warm weather ---best and hugs ---pat


Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great time!

Wool Winder

Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a fabulous weekend in the Big Apple. Can't wait to hear all about it. You didn't forget to take pictures, I hope.


My maplewing is progressing slowly. I keep getting distracted with spinning...
Happy anniversary!


I'm down about 3-4#, my running is going well overall but I need to get into the pool (and ocean!) and on my bike....

drinking less wine has helped the scale as well as the steady exercise.

I do have a training/workout post I just did on my blog....


Happy Anniversary! Have a fantastic trip!

The Maplewing is lovely!!

Just wondering if Friday Flowers might be returning, perhaps in conjunction with Fitness Fridays?


Kim-Happy anniversary- enjoy your trip.


Maplewing is looking very pretty - and lovely spinning!

I've been very, very bad. Easter candy is my downfall. I need to get my widening ass onto my elliptical. *sigh*


I am so looking forward to seeing your Maplewing. That is one of my most favorite of Anne's designs - and in your yarn it is going to be incredible.

Spinning is such a lovely comfort, isn't it. It is my hope that the rhythm of your wheel soothes your heart more and more each day.


I've been loosing and then gaining the same 2-3 pounds for weeks now, but I've finally got the scale lower. I've been eating raw for breakfast and lunch and then eating a normal (but moderate portions) dinner and it seems to be helping.

Cheryl S.

There's something to eat and drink besides bread and wine? I guess that's why I'm not doing so well...

Seriously - we usually don't have bread very often, but I've been making homemade rye bread, and we can't stop eating it. Must. Resist.



Thanks for picking my blog as website of the week! And I'm in complete awe of anyone who can knit; I never could turn out anything halfway presentable when I tried it!


Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

Hi Woolen Rabbit,

To answer your question: Five pounds so far.

As a carb addict I can't touch any refined carbs. I break out in cravings and I've been known to find myself eating nonstop out of the boxes while standing in the pantry. If I stick to natural sweets in limited amounts I'm okay.

Have a good trip. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for the link to low carb cooking.

Hugs, Euphoria


Enjoy your weekend! It sounds perfectly wonderful and you deserve it!


Happy Anniversary! I enjoy anniversaries.


Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Anniversary -- give Jean a big hug!

I've had a tough couple of weight weeks, but am back in the saddle :-)


Have a fabulous time this weekend and happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary! And have a wonderful time! It sounds like such a great trip.

I agree on the carbs and sugar. It really makes a difference.

stacey burnell

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad...have a blast!

We will take care of things on our end...I will make calls in the am. to make sure everything is okay...


Muahhhh..No worries here...will check up...

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