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Friday, April 03, 2009



I just want to express my deepest sympathies for the loss of your little friend, Miss Shelly.
I've had little friends leave me and I know how heartbreaking it is.
Remember that now she is pain free, running through the flower fields with her friends and family.
Your girls are truly beautiful!



I think this week was a win for you. No lbs lost but you exercised and you didn't gain any weight!

Jen B

So I'm not sure of the weight (which I'll probably put back on this weekend anyway - kids + Easter = chocolate . . .), but I did exercise 6 days last week - so that's a great start. Now if only the exercise didn't have to be before 6am when my monkeys wake up. By the way - the yarn for the shrug is gorgeous & the pattern looks like a winner

Kristi aka FiberFool

Thanks for the tip on the Yogi tea. I know I've seen it at the food co-op, I'll have to pick some up the next time I'm there. The yarn for Hannah's shrug is gorgous! I love that color! She's a lucky gal!


The road to fitness isn't as much fun as the decedent road to flab is it?? LOL....I would have much preferred to luxuriate in bed this morning rather than get on the treadmill. Only laying in bed hasn't proved successful for weight loss thus far! I hope your knitted goodness goes down a treat.


Kim- I have some of that tea- I'll give it a try (they tell you about a yoga position on the inside of the package)

I messed up this week too- but onward and upward!


Love the color. She'll love it, I think. Escaped potential caloric disaster at Bertuccis by ordering the grilled salmon and green beans last night.
No loss but no gains this week. Hmmm.


Because of the season, the only thing I've been doing is forgetting to eat because I'm trying to get tax prep done - and I haven't lost one single solitary pound. *sigh*

Beautiful yarn and knitting! :o)


I did really well this week - went to the gym 4 times, watched calories, tracked what I ate..and gained a pound. Hmm...

The shrug is very pretty - love the color!


Sweet shrug - the blue will be beautiful. She will love it. (She asked for knitting, after all. How could she not love it?)


The shrug is looking beautiful! I love the color you came up with.


You are such a good mom. Dyeing AND knitting. I hope she understands how special that is.

I'm probably holding my own. Haven't been on the scale this week. I hurt myself exercising on Sunday...got the IT band inflamed on the right, and have been nursing it all week. Did yoga T,W, I called it cripple yoga.


This week has been so so. Food intake has been ok but I have not been doing the run walks that I wanted to do. ~ 1 lbs
I will try to be better next week.


I had a great week! I worked out at Curves three days and stayed on my meal plan,with no straying. Weight loss of 2 pounds.

Love the blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love, love, love the color! Licorice tea! Can't wait to find some!


All that good mom stuff definitely earns you good fitness karma. Or a cookie. ;)


She'll love it!


Even though I didn't get around to joining (is it too late?), my week was a mixed bag, too. Haven't dared get on the scale after all we ate last week, but I did resist those peanut butter cookies yesterday! Two days on the treadmill....

The shrug is going to be adorable!


Pretty shrug! My fitness is going ok. Definitely drinking more water and running 1x week. Thanks for keeping us going! BTW- How do you like the Wii fit? We're seriously considering getting one but wasn't sure if it was really good or not.


baby steps. I hope she loves it!


She's going to love it!
I didn't do very well on my fitness. Busy week with no time for more than walking the dogs. This week I WILL lift a weight or two!


Don't you just love it when a DD casually mentions she needs you to knit something for an event. What a fun request but it would be nice to have more notice.

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