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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lola LB

What cast on did you use? I cast on using the knit cast on, but I'm not thrilled with the way it looks. May have to revert to long-tail cast on.


Good for you for getting on that Wii! I know it'll be saying sweeter things about you soon. :)


Love you just the way you are Mom. I do think that is incredible that you can see the battle that goes along with setting high goals for yourself. The whole world realise on the "quick fix" miracle pill, but it always boils down to eating healthy and excercising (: But a glass of red wine is high in antioxidants so allow yourself a treat! Although I think you are more of a white wine lady. Anyway, you're awesome.


Funny Wii story! I haven't done it yet. Whatever works make sense. I'm working on my exercise post, and it will give theory to the torture.


Wow, you dropped 25 years in one day! lol
Maplewing is looking wonderful.

Pam T.

Thanks for the good laugh! I don't have a Wii Fit but I don't need one to tell me I'm an obese, unbalanced couch potato ! I much prefer to think "Deng Ming-Dao" when it comes to my body shape -- a perfect, miraculous, jewel of an apple!!

Maplewing is lookin' good!


I have a little idea for Spring fitness . . .


Yikes! I was considering getting one of those at Christmas. Maybe I'm glad I didn't. :)

Maplewing looks fabulous!


Oh my! that Wii Fit just about made me cry the first time I hopped on .... I will admit, it has kinda kept me off of it. I need to get back on it though and just get mad and slim that Wii down!
I must say, it would be way more effective if that game was more sensitive and encouraging, instead of making me feel like there isn't a hope in he#@ of getting the weight off.
The other thing I hate about the Wii Fit is that it doesn't cater to people with bad backs. There are a ton of the excercises that are just way too hard. The easy level is too hard .. I know if I attempted some of them I'd be laying on the floor for a week!
Anyways, I hope your experience gets better! I may have to try mine again today and see if I can get past the nastiness and find some things that are easier on the back.

Your Maplewing is gorgeous!!! just waiting for my yarn and then I'll be knitting away on it too :)


Kim- Obese? How dare they?

We all have our struggles- and it won't happen overnight. Alot of small changes add up to big results.

You've done really well.

Cheryl S.

Sadly, the Wii Fit has been rude to me too. And I gained so much weight over the holidays, that I've been afraid to use it until I think I've taken off most of that excess. I don't want it shaming me.


You should be proud going down from 75 to 50! I like the Wii Fit because the games are fun and competitve and you can really feel it in your core. The yoga is my favorite. Maplewing is just so lovely. That colorway really shines. :)


mine told me I was obese and unbalanced also...sigh! I figure that should make it easy to improve though! Try the yoga - it told me I had good posture-- first nice thing it ever said to me! ; )


Little steps - and you'll get there. The big thing for Wii Fit, as I understand it is core fitness. Increase that, and it really pays off with the feedback you. Good luck with it!


Have you tried ski jumping?
I'm good at that :-)


Don't believe everything your Wii tells you. ;-)


Oh, your Wii needs some sensitivity training! I posted yesterday about working out and losing weight. It's hard, but it's worth it! I have gone from "breathless walking" on the treadmill and "in pain for days after strength training" to "running on treadmill" and "itching to get to the gym" each day. In a few short weeks.

Worse than the Wii? The virtual models at Lands' End... I make her and nothing will fit her! Bad enough being discouraged in the dressing room, but to be discouraged in a virtual one???




I hear you on the wii fit. I swear when I get on the scale goes "oooof." And then she says, that's obese. Yeah, well, efff you, I say back.
You've got to keep your sense of humor with this stuff. LOL


oh wow, that colorway of your maplewing is mouthwatering!
good luck with your wii fit approach; it sounds like fun!


Oh I think perhaps if my son had Wii Fit on his game I would be much like an obese apple. All my weight gains around my tummy and chin area and it doesnt matter what I do it never gets any smaller. I was allright until after my 2nd child and then it went downhill from there. I hope in time you will feel better and your wii stats wont sound so bad.


I got such a giggle from your Wii Fit story! My husband gave me Wii Fit for Christmas and I absolutely love it (although at first I wanted to through the control at the TV because the Mii told me I was a 72 year old, obese couch potato). A few days ago the Mii FINALLY said, "You're overweight" and not, "You're obese." I was so excited!

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