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Monday, March 09, 2009



*jealous* ;o)


You're busy!!
Looking forward to seeing your Maplewing. :)


wow, the sweater looks awesome; can't wait to see it on you.
and the maplewing . . even as a cast-on it looks beautiful!


I see someone already mentioned www.buttondrawer.com. One other is www.movingmud.com. Love the new winder! I am all for saving body parts... Can't wait to see the finished sweater.


Busy grrl. Must protect the joints. Save 'em for knitting that beautiful stuff!


Can't wait to see how Maplewing looks in Mama Mia. I think it will be beautiful. On Etsy there is a button store you might want to look at for your Acer sweater. You can do a search under Thebuttonshop and it will pull it up. I did see some purple buttons if that's the color you want but there are also lots of other buttons you might find interesting. Love your new toy - can't imagine how much fun it must be to watch! What a life saver for your arm and shoulders though. Good luck with finding buttons!


Can't wait to see your Maplewing. That shawl has me completely gobsmacked.
Love the color of your Acer!


You're Acer looks great, love the color. I am making the sweater also, in the Wood Rose heather Beaverslide color. I just ordered some wood buttons for it from ascuteasabutton.com.


Congratulations on your new winder! Maplewing is going to look lovely with your colorway.

Linda M

waiting eagerly for my Maplewing kit to be shipped. I hope it won't be too long!


Oh dear God. You're killing me. Now I want one! I gotta buy a house this Summer. I can't spend any more money! lol.
Acer is coming along nicely and I love that you're starting Maplewing. Can't wait to see it grow.


Acer is looking lovely!

Try buttondrawer.com for buttons. I've ordered from them several times and have been very happy with their huge selection and fast shipping.


Acer looks great -- I just bought some tweedy green yarn that might be great.

I'm with you on the weight (notice I did not have black boots at SPA either). I am getting back to business though and even got up this morning at 5:20 (I don't like getting up that early) to get on the treadmill before work. Maybe we should try more regular check ins . . .


Kim- I don't think you can go wrong with any color.

I hear you about the weight thing- I gained some back, and am having an issue with losing again.

We'll get there.

Wool Winder

If I wound as much yarn as you do, I'd buy an electric ball winder too. Take care of your arm.


ohhh.... must.buy.electric.ballwinder! I have been searching for an oversized ball winder... mine can't handle anything over 300yds in worsted.

I know what you mean about knitting *ahem* smaller. My wisteria is planned at 3 sizes smaller than currently worn... wishful thinking for next winter. if my trainer has any say, it'd be 6 sizes smaller...off to the gym for a workout!


Acer looks great! I like The Button Shoppe (you can google it for the link). They have a pretty nice selection and good service.


Way to go!! May it give you hours of freedom! Try etsy for buttons...there are eleventygazillion choices.


That electric winder is intriguing looking! Acer is growing, mine is, too, and hooray for starting Maplewing.


I want to make Acer - that looks like something I would love to wear!

An electric winder?! How cool!

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