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Friday, March 20, 2009



Oh pits. I was going to join but but my office firewall had to be restarted and well while it was down my pea sized brain lost track of what I was going to do. So sad. i'll be rooting anyway :)


This is a wonderful idea, and even though I am too late to "officially" join, I'm going to start tomorrow and see how I can do in the next few weeks.



I am hoping that I can join a long too. I weigh every Sunday so I have that weight. I need to lose about 25 lbs and need some motivation.


I know I'm too late to join but I'm all measured and ready to play along anyway. I think this is a great idea. I plan on tearing up my whole flower garden this spring and replanting it and I know for a fact if I was to do it right now it would take until fall. If I'm in better shape, maybe it will only take until July 4th.


Oh, bummer. I was all set to join up then saw the deadline. Oh, well. I'll be working on the loss anyway, just won't have to bother with the measuring. :) Good luck to you all!


Well I may be too late to join, but just read this over on Sandy's blog. I plan on joining along just because I need to get a bit more in shape. I'm not looking for anything big time, but when my 10 y/o can run a 1/4 mile w/o getting winded and I can't even make it, well that does not bode well for my future. If I'm too late to join, I still plan on watching.


Hi, I saw this mentioned on Sandy's blog. I'm in. I need to up my level of fitness!

Aura Perez

I just saw this in raverly so hopefully I can still join, will do the measurements when i get home tonight


Do you have suggestions for attaching a button? I mean your lovely Spring into Summer button. You knew that.


I'm interested in the contest from a health and fitness perspective.
What are these boots you refer to that are motivating you? I'm curious!


Is it too late to join in? I just reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers but now need to work on the exercise part. Seems like it is a constant battle...

Kristi aka FiberFool

What a great way to measure progress! I started back mostly faithfully to water aerobics about three months ago and I've gotten some comments from others in the class asking me if I've lost weight, but I had taken no measures or weighed myself when I started back. While I'm too late to play I may have to sort of play along anyway and see what happens!


Only just caught up on your blog but thanks for giving me the motivation I need to loose some more weight. I did do well up to Xmas and had lost 10lb but since then have put some of it back on.

I'm too late for the contest but will still play along as I need the motivation and mutual support!


Hi! I hope you'll let me squeak in past deadline and join you gals! =) I could use the motivation and comraderie too. I've fallen off the diet wagon and need to get back on...I have about 50-60lbs ideally to lose. My big prize though will be being able to try for a second baby...my knees went bad after my first child and the doc told me to lose weight before trying for another.
Love the button!


Count me in! I just started a new meal plan today, along with joining Curves. This will be a great incentive for all of us to stay motivated and get fit.


I'd love to join you. I've already started to move more because of the sunshine and to eat better (because of not feeling well). It would be great to be part of a friendly and encouraging group.

Sharon T

I hope it's not too late to get in this with the rest of you. I only have about 10 pounds to loose but the motivation of a group and the chance of a prize never hurts!

Wanda in AR

totally in. I need to weigh and measure myself tonight.


Hi Kim - I've been on vacation but would like to join as well. I've got a little bit of weight and a whole lot of firming up to deal with. Also...love, love, love the Acer!


Hi Kim! Can I be in even thou I'm late through the gate? I need to loose 35 lbs. (I already have the Fat Babies! That's your fault for posting them so deliciously!)

Trish B.

I'm in. 60 pounds need to go, and I know it will take a long time, but this will be a good way to jump start.


What a good idea!!


Count me in - I am officially a porker, I cold be a 4H exhibit at the fair this year if I don't make an effort
thanks for the motivation


Okay- I have to do this if I want to be a size 12 by summer. If I don't eat healthy, I feel bad, and that's the bottom line.

I'm in!


I am with you and Kathy, Kim! The perfect motivation and company for a little spring self improvement!


I am in! I think this is the extra little motivation I may need to jump start my fitness makeover! Thanks.

btw, I purchsaed your pussy willow colorway for Anne's Maplewing and I loved it so much that I HAD to cast on RIGHT away, even though I am in the middle of knitting up the square version of her Snowflakes in Cedarwoods shawl. Your yarn is lovely!


Count me in. I need to lose a few pounds but to also get back to eating healthier and getting more exercise.


I am in. :) I can use the motivation.


pat j

HEY KIM - I will sure join - I need motivation so much right now - need to loose at least 30 lbs - so here I go heading to the scale and tape measure - its loose or be shamed



I'm in, and I'm so happy you posted this! I am movited - I have to lose some weight for my health, and I'm happy to find people to do it with! The button is too cute too!


I'm joining you for the Spring into Summer weight loss. I've been thinking I really need to get off my butt and start. I think it will be better if I know others will be doing the same thing too.


Man! I need to do this. Since my husband's plant closed and they moved him to Ohio, he's only home every other weekend. My habits have gone to hell in a handbasket. With his questionable job, our tentative move, etc. etc. stress is getting the best of me! I NEED this. OK. Weight Watcher scale back on the kitchen counter Monday morning. Wish I had a Wii. Do you like yours????


i'm in!!! i think it is lovely and generous of you to offer us prizes!


Okay, I could use some company on this project. I want to lose 15 lbs. but would be happy to lose 10. And if I manage to lose at least 10 I am going to reward myself by buying 2 hanks of woolen rabbit harmony sock yarn! If I lose 15 I'll buy 3 hanks.

Cheryl S.

Oh, good! I really need some motivation to get rid of my 10 pounds of cruise weight. It may not be much, but it's sure been a challenge!


I'm in. Great timing for a way to feel refreshed and more fit when summer arrives.


okay but only because I need more buttons on my sidebar...we won't speak of the five pounds I put back on over the winter. ;op


Ok, you got me, I am in!


I'm like Anne, no weight to loose, but fitness would be good. Maybe time at the gym and I'll build some muscle and tone up. Motivation with a group would be helpful!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

Hi Woolen Rabbit,

I'm in also. I have my exercise bike hooked up to my computer chair and off I go.

I feel sorry for the skinnier ones that only have a few pounds to loose. I need to loose 60 pounds so I have my eyes on the prize.

Thank you for doing this. We should all get healthier no matter what our weight.

Sincerely, Euphoria


That button is so cute!


I'm in with you! This will be a good motivator. Wii fit here I come!


This is a lovely contest. I have lost about 15 lbs so far but have about 30 to go. Nothing like a little extra motivation. I am in!


Ooh...I'm in too. I have already been working hard over the past couple of months and have needed a little extra motivation lately. This project you've proposed sounds like just the right thing!


I'm in, and thanks for the motivation! This is something I've been needing to do anyhow, so it's great to get going and to have this to focus on.

(Love the blog, by the way.)


I'm in ~ I was just thinking the same thing to myself today ~ spring is here and I need to be more fit and trim by summer. :)
Love the button, thanks!


i LOVE that new little black bunny and the tulips to go with it!
i'm not really looking to get smaller but i desperately want to get back to better fitness; i sit WAY too much at my desk and as result, my arms are weak and i feel guilty.
i'll figure out a way to measure any success i have over the next twelve weeks . . .

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