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Thursday, March 26, 2009


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I love the idea of Fitness Friday! I made it to the Y twice this week without completely collapsing. So far, so good. thanks nice blog

Bonnie J. Cocuzza

Was pleasantly surprised to see you have the book Lasagna Gardening. I live near Pat, the author. She used to have a great shop in an old church near me called The Pottager. Besides having the book Pat has given me many great gardening ideas for my sloping yard. Haven't seen her in a long time but she is quite an interesting lady.

By the way, I enjoy your blog very much.


We did lasagna gardens when we moved her 7 yrs ago - no weeds. Do I need to repeat that? Great way to garden.


Acck! I'm there on your sidebar. I guess I have to buy a scale and break out the tape measure. Hahaha But the public (humiliation) accounting is indeed effective.

Lasagna Gardening - ironically, I do it because it's a lot less work. It's also handy because it gives me something constructive to do with all that under hutch stuff.

Your knitting: gorgeous!


Love the fibers. I am spinning some Icelandic wool now. Haven't decided if I am going to leave it natural (taupe) or overdye it. I read the Lasagna Gardening book this winter and I plan on incorporating some of the ideas in my garden this year. I am trying to take a walk with the dogs everyday now that the weather is turning nicer. Always feel better after a walk outside.


All of your projects look wonderful. The cashmere/silk looks so soft! Congratulations on exercising this week. I didn't. :(


Beautiful colors to spin!
I love watching your Maplewing grow. I'm still struggling NOT to cast on. Must. Finish. Something. First.
Anything... 8)


Your maple wing is looking very pretty. :) It is definitely on my list of things I want to knit. The colors you dye are all ways so pretty. My exercising is going well so far, 4 days in a row. :)



Lovely knitting and handspuns! I adore the cool colors which look so good on me but sometimes I wish I could wear these gorgeous golds and rusts. Alas, they're not for me.

I applaud your new fitness resolution and although I have no blog, am right in there with you, having just resumed exercise at Curves a week ago Monday. I feel better and stronger already and you will soon, too! Something about pushing our bodies to not just sit... Enjoy it!


You have been busy! If it would only stop raining here I would be happy working outside! Love the spinning, I really do want to get into that one of these days...


Oh my, you sure pack a lot into a day. I've been ending (and beginning) my day at the wheel and it has proved very productive. I need to find some exercise motivation. Your plan sounds good.


Good for you, Kim. I keep wishing I had a treadmill but then I know I probably wouldn't use it. I have that exact same Sigg bottle!


Nice idea for the Friday posts. Publicity does tend to be an effective goad. I'm with you in spirit, I just don't think my remaining 6-7 pounds is going to count for much in percentages.

Do you think Maplewing would work in silk laceweight? I have this skein.....


I love the idea of Fitness Friday! I made it to the Y twice this week without completely collapsing. So far, so good.

Maplewing is fabulous. I love the colors!


Whoops! I forgot to sign up but I'm with you in spirit. Knowing I won't be able to get through my yard work without getting in better shape is part of my motivation also!!
My goal is 3x treadmill and 2x strength training/flexibility too....and it does mean giving something else up, which is why I'm so bad about doing it. Maybe I can follow your lead and cut back more on the computer and not so much on my knitting time!!


Your spinning is just fabulous! wow! I'm just starting to spin and can't wait to get that good :)

Love that you're sharing your fitness journey :) I need to get on that journey too .. if I could only get rid of this cold :(

Maplewing is looking gorgeous! I started mine .. but only managed 5 rows before I got sick :( I'll have to live vicariously through you and your knitting for a bit :)


Good for you for setting goals! I look forward to your posts.


Kim- Lasagne gardening- I love it.

I am not a big fan of structured exercise- but I love to walk. If I don't like to do something- I don't.

Don't be too hard on yourself.


Both of those fibers are gorgeous!!! Beautiful colors. I'll look forward to your Friday posts.

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