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Sunday, February 08, 2009



i love my bernina. i just wish i had more time for practicing my machine quilting skills. instead, i am using my weekend quilting time knitting! (most likely to avoid quilting a 74 X 96 quilt all pinned and ready to go)

the yarn for your acer is simply lovely. what is it? any for sale?


What a great bag! :o)


Love those batiks! Great bag!
I used to be a quilting snob, too, but I machine quilt now because it's faster. My last hand-quilting project-in-progress has been languishing in a bag for years now. If I had machine-quilted it, it would have been done long ago...


Lots of stuff done! Acer started!


I love the bag -- gotta love those batik prints! And I'm glad that you are enjoying Acer.


That poem was just what I needed after a very trying evening yesterday! Thanks.

The bag is wonderful...I have so many great fabrics downstairs that would be perfect, so what do I do? Go buy Vera Bradley! I agree that the new sewing machines are amazing....I still need to get in for the lesson on mine.

As for machine quilting, I started doing it when Simply Quilts was still on HGTV and then I took a class with the very talented lady who does the machine quilting for Kaffe Fassett! Learned a lot, including that it is by no means "cheating". It's NOT that easy and can be an art form in its own right! Make yourself some muslin/batting "sandwiches" and doodle! (Did you get the BSR with your machine....that thing is WHY I bought the new Bernina!)


Great poem, and great bag. My knitting bag, which doubles as my purse/tote/everything bag, has begun to show wear and tear, and I'm wondering what to do about it. Maybe I should learn to sew.

I will so totally see you at SPA.


Great bag!! Must have been a sewing weekend - my daughter asked for a bag to keep her recorder in from school. They give them this plastic case which falls apart pretty quickly. Ok, now we are more than halfway through the school year so I finally got my act together and was able to sew one together this weekend.

Love the beginnings of the new sweater. I just ordered my color cards from Beaverslide - can't wait to see them and choose some yarn!!


Of all the 80s looks Annie Hall is the best. The bag is fab!


Kim- I agree- leggings weren't wonderful in the '80's and they aren't great now.

Lovely bag.


What a beautiful poem! The bag is just wonderful...such a special gift! :)

Wool Winder

Pretty fabric. The bag turned out great. And I can tell she likes it.


Nice bag! I'm sure your daughter loves it. I like the poem! Thanks. I love the quotes at the beginning of your posts.


The bag is beautiful. Good for you for pushing yourself to learn some new skills with your sewing machine.


Great bag!

I'm a hand quilter myself. When I machine quilt, it feels a bit like cheating. :)


Great bag!

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