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Thursday, February 12, 2009



Pat and Elizabeth have it covered. You are tempting me into Cable Twist sox.


I guess you will be wearing the sweater and socks together as they look so nice ensemble:) I just finished my Cable Twist Socks which happen to be my all time favorite to date.
I adjusted my pattern a bit, CO 64 stitches, pattern repeat 8 sts. I work my heels on half the number of sts(32), but for this sock, I had to balance the pattern with the P2 on the other side. I added the 2 more (purl) sts to the top of the sock (34 sts)and knit the heel with just 30 sts. My heel will never know!


Beaverslide yarn is wonderful - love your color selection. You prompted me to order some for myself. I made the Rogue sweater a few years ago out of Beaverslide - it was a pleasure to work with. I love your version of Acer.!


I do pretty much what Pat describes when creating a heel.

I love the color of the Beaverslide!!! Acer is going to be beautiful that color!


Here's more heels than you can shake a stick at:


or in PDF format on Ravelry:



Beaverslide is on my list of yarn to try...but not yet. :( No yarn money... (wah!)

:) Kate

Wool Winder

Beaverslide is on my list of yarn to try. Love that description.


Acer is really looking great! The sock is such a lovely colorway! Beetrice looks like a sweetheart! :)


I've been waiting patiently to see Beetrice! She already has such character. I love her. The sweater is going to be awesome. You figure out the heel of that sock, and then tell us what you did! I always love the ones who go before and pave the way! I'll follow you!


Acer is gorgeous! Isn't the heel formula half the stitches plus 2?


Pat and Elizabeth B beat me to the punch on the sock formula!
Love the color of your Acer.
And dieing to see Beetrice!

frazzy dazzles

Beetrice looks beeautiful....I love the profile shots the best!


Your Beaverslide is such a rich gorgeous color! I'm happily working down my Acer sleeves - an enjoyable easy project.
I'm so glad your Cable Twists are working out - I have a simple heel turn formula - I'm guessing you just need to know how far to go before turning since I'm sure you know how to turn a heel. Just go 2 (or 3 if you want a wider heel) stitches past the center of your heel flap, then SSK, K1 (or p2tog, p1 if on the purl side) now count the stitches that are remaining on your left hand needle (you will need that same # remaining on the other side) Turn slip 1, and knit (or purl) until you are 3 stitches away from that # then p2tog, p1 turn (or SSK, K1 turn). You should now have a center group of stitches with an equal # of stitches on each side - and you are set to go.
If that was too confusing email me and I'll explain more clearly in the morning (past my bedtime right now!)


The Beaverslide looks AMAZING!!


I love, love that Beaverslide colorway - so juicy! I can't wait to see your finished ACer. I can't wait to see MINE for that matter:) I have a swatch so far:)


That Beaverslide color is divine!


Can't wait to see Acer and Bee-trice finished. Love , love, love the Beaverslide color!

Elizabeth D

Kim: here's the heel formula I use. Start with a purl row -- purl half your stitches, plus 2 more. Purl 2 together. Purl 1. Turn. Slip first stitch. Knit 5. Knit 2 together, Knit 1. Turn. Slip first stitch as if to purl, purl over to the stitch just before the gap, purl 2 tog, purl 1, turn. Etc. Hope this helps/makes sense.


Those are beautiful purples to knit with. Can't wait to see Beetrice!


You have been a busy little bee. Love the color of Beaverslide. It's so rich and beautiful.

Kathleen King

Oh my gosh you really have been busy. Love the color of the sweater. I have the pattern and haven't been able to decide what yarn to use. I ended up looking at the Beaverside website but now the problem is what color.....I want them all!! The socks look great (sorry I also have to use a pattern as I've not been knitting for long) and I can't wait to see Beetrice.

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