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Wednesday, February 04, 2009



Love the neckwarmer!

Girls can be so vicious, I'm so sorry your daughter is having to deal with this stuff. :o(

Life Looms Large

Wow - I just found your blog. The google reader suggested it to me...and I love it!

I'm in southern NH, and weave and knit and hike.

Look forward to following along in your blog!!



Anne's patterns are just gorgeous! All of them. She's just prolific! That roving is such a pretty color.

Kathleen King

Oh my gosh! SPA is only 30 minutes from my home and I didn't know about it. I'm going and hopefully I'll get to see you and say hi to you. Can't wait to see everything that's there.

So sorry to hear about your daughter and the troubles she's having. People can be so mean and cruel yet I'm sure the other girl would be the first to cry if the same thing happened to her. Hopefully things will work out as we only want the best for our children. I'm sure with your guidance she'll come out o.k. from this.


She'll let you know when she can't handle it.

It will be fun to see you! I can't believe some of your night temps....brrrrrrr. A neck warmer sounds like just the ticket.



I have a similar problem with my 7th grade son. It's reached the point where I've had to step in. Hope your situation smooths out.


love the color of that roving! (PS there is a new Stampin' Up stamp set....little bees, hone and a bee hive....thought of you :) )


That is beautiful!

I hear ya on the mom front. It has been crazy around here since my daughter entered middle school. I miss the innocence of 5th grade.


Spiraluscious #2 is even prettier than #1 if that is possible!
I'm knitting down the sleeve of Acer right now...an easy enjoyable pattern - have fun!

Cheryl S.

I love how Margene's Acer came out in Beaverslide. Seems like a perfect yarn for the pattern.

Sorry about Courtney - hope that situation gets resolved soon.


You know I can totally relate to the bully issue. My heart hurts for both you and Courtney. I think girls can be even meaner than boys and I think it hurts girls more.
The scarf is beautiful and so is the roving (it reminds me of one we did at Barb's class).

blogless sharon

tell courtney to hang in there. as a mom I went through the same thing with my daughter in jr. high. It is tough and heartbreaking. on a happier note .see you @ SPA


Kids can be so awful to each other. Hopefully this will pass and they can all just get on with life.

Yep. I'm still totally in love with the BSDG yarn colorway you go. Totally.

Donna B

That colorway is more than okay.... It is perfectly lovely. I hope you do keep it!


Poor Courtney. I hope this thing clears up. When we're together (at SPA) I'll tell you my new story about girls and the trouble they can cause. Speaking of SPA - woot!!!


The cowl is so pretty. I love Anne's designs. As for Courtney's situation, I know how hard it is to stay out of it. My daughter is twenty-eight, and I can barely contain myself, at times, to stay out of her business. I would try to monitor what is going on, and you'll know if you should act, and maybe, hopefully, you won't have to. I hope!
I would like to know more about the Spa Weekend in Freeport. I'm only about an hour away! Can anyone go?


Mean girls suck there is no doubt. I feel decadent with our 40 degree temps but we do have the yukky hazy skies...ick. And yes, did you wash that swatch? Beaverslide groweth.


Sorry about your daughter. People can be horrible. Sending you both a *hug*

What a georgous neck warmer! Oooo pretty yarn to spin too! I can always count on you to provide some color even if we do have 6 more weeks of winter. :)


I love Spiralicious!

But. I have only one question. Did you wash that swatch? :)


Gorgeous neck warmer! The colour is amazing.


Can I just say : girls stink. No, really... before the age of 25, we are very very mean to each other... tell Courtney, it does get better... and mean girls, well... they get theirs in the end.

See you at SPA>... I might drive up for a night or two (depends on my job hunt...)

Wool Winder

I love the lacy neck warmer! It's a great color on you.

frazzy dazzles

I think the hardest thing in the world is to send your children out into it where anyone can break their hearts or be awful to them and you're not there to protect them. The next hardest thing is to know how and when to step back and let them learn the lessons for themselves that we found so hard to be taught ourselves! You sound like a wonderful mum. Getting the balance right is never an easy thing!


Oooo. I wish I could go to SPA. I have so much to learn about spinning. Sigh.

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