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Monday, January 19, 2009



Lovely photos, Kim.


Beautiful shawl! I need to learn a little monogamy myself. ;o)


Your project is so beautiful with the light shining through it. I think you've inspired me to knit some curtains for my kitchen window (even though that's not what you're knitting!).


I left my heart...in New England....thanks for the reminder and for sharing today. It's sunny and bright & 55 from my corner. And not a snowflake in sight...and I'd love a snowflake in sight
You made my day : ) kathryn


I don't mind winter so much as long as I don't have to drive in it. Or shovel it. Or chip it off my car...
On the whole, I think I prefer spring.
Your lace is stunning!


Hi Kim,
I just said to a friend yesterday that I feel like I come alive in the winter time. She thought I was very weird to feel that way so I'm glad to see another person feels the same way! Can't wait to show her your post.

The air is so bracing and fresh and invigorating. Just wakes you right up. And you are so right about the beautiful light through the trees and the way everything glistens after a fresh snow fall - amazing, right? And the quiet hush after a snowfall...I miss it all. This New England native (born in ME, raised in CT) now in MD misses the cold cold weather! I'm really happy we're having a bit of a cold spell.


What a beautiful place you live in and what a beautiful shawl. I'm glad you found yourself where you are and that things are better now. I'm sorry that you had to endure any tragedy.


Call LLBean and order a pair of Winter Walker snoeshoes...they go right on over your boots, no other equipment needed! I really love just tromping around the yard, even if the neighbors do think I'm strange!

It has been an unusually pretty winter this year, even this far south. The ice, although annoying, was gorgeous, and the cold has kept the snow sparkly and white. A few new inches of powder every few days hasn't hurt, either. Definitely worthy of cheerful poetry! Or a beautiful shawl!


Beautiful snow! It snowed here a bit yesterday and everything was so calm and peaceful.

I love your shawl! The sea silk must be devine to knit with. :)


We do live in a beautiful place, don't we? I get tired of being cold, and cleaning off the cars, and shoveling snow, and stoking the fire, and chasing the dog in the snow, but then, I am reminded of how beautiful it all really is!
I love your shawl! I always use markers. I couldn't knit a shawl without them. You have? Oh, you're good.

Wool Winder

Usually spring fever starts to hit pretty hard right now, but you sound like you're doing just fine. I loved the photos! Looks like the shawl doesn't need much blocking. It's gorgeous!


I love how snow quiets everything. Your pictures are gorgeous!


Beautiful pictures, thankyou for posting them. We rarely get snow where I am in the south of England, and never as dramatically beautiful as that!
Love teh shawl too, something to aspire to!



Cheryl S.

Beautiful snow! And the lace looks gorgeous, too.


Winter is wonderful when the sun shines on the pure white snow. We're lucky to live in beautiful places, but it's too bad they're so far apart!


I am with you on winter. I always thought it was the most beautiful time of year and when I was in the mountains I looked at it as a time of renewal...ps, love the shawl! What pattern is it???


What a beautiful group of photos! The views from your home in Jackson are spectacular.

The shawl is coming along beautifully.


I hear you on the winter thing... I love the sun on the snow, the crisp air and the stillness... I love hearing the sound of snow falling off the branches.

I feel more aware in the winter.

how did the pilot do??


What gorgeous snow and stellar views!
Kim, your shawl is really beautiful!!


Monogamy helps us slowpokes.

Beautiful pictures! We got about the same here down south. LOTS.

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