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Sunday, January 18, 2009



That is a great AB pattern. You'll love doing her bags. Her directions are so well written and her fabrics? Oh, so good.


What a cute bag! I'm happy you are enjoying sewing! :)


I just took The Quilt That Will Not Be Finished. Ever. to the longarm quilter this morning. I have only been working on it for about four years now. I've signed up for a class on bindings on March 28, so I'm hoping the end to this project is in sight. I look forward to seeing your sewing projects---good luck in the new year.


I'm sorry you weren't feeling well and I'm glad you're doing better. I just cleaned off my sewing table yesterday. Something must be in the air. :)


Kim- You're better than me. My machine hasn't seen alot of use since the L.L. Bean boat totes came into my life.


Little successes and going slow will be the perfect way to get into sewing. I love the bags and the fabrics! It's mighty tempting.


You can do it. I had a great tip which has helped me know end. Measure twice cut once. I usually measure sixty six but hey it has saved heaps of material


I just bought a new Bernina last summer and my story is exactly the same. My daughter is also 29 and my old Bernina roughly the same age. I referred to it as my new machine as the one prior to it was born the same year I was. I love Amy Butler patterns and her fabrics are too yummy. I usually say "Knit on", but in this case "Sew on"


I love making bags.
That batik you used for your bag is just gorgeous! Love the colors.
This is a great site for tutorials and patterns for bags:
She has lots of great details on installing zippers, piping, clasps, etc, plus she shares a lot of her own original patterns. Very nice site.


Love that box bag - will put that on my to do list!!!!! Great for taking small projects!!!Good luck getting back in touch with your sewing amchine - I have made that same committment this year. I love your blog!!!

Jill in snowy, cold, WI


Love my Bernina! You must get more use out of this machine! :)


Oh, Kim, you make me feel SO much better! I bought the same machine (did you get the Bernina Stitch Regulator for quilting with yours?) about the same time as you did and have barely turned it on in over a year. (Hanging head in shame.) I should have put that on my To Do list for this year....well, in a way I did. I said I was going to make a quilt! I got as far as pulling down the box of fabrics, ALL CUT OUT for over four years!


The little sock bag I bought from you at Spa goes with me almost all the time. I love it! Happy sewing!


I haven't sewn anything from a pattern since high school. There are times, I wish I could still make something, but I think knitting is just my thing. I can't wait ot see what you have to share with us, though!


I have fat quarters and the tutorial printed for the box bag, but just haven't put down my knitting long enough to make it. I also have the same Amy Butler pattern. I'll see how yours works out and maybe that will motivate me. Good luck!


Sounds like you've got some great incentive to get sewing! Have fun making your bags!


I have one of your bags above from SPA last year! It was the last one you had and I love it!!


Wow, what a machine! I love that little project bag--neat fabric! Can't wait to see the finished quilt and the bags. Glad you are feeling better.


Happy sewing! I dusted of my machine this last week too. Love Amy Butler fabrics and patterns, she's amazing!

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